my weakness

You can ask anyone that lives with me. I love to bake chocolate chip cookies. And the 50 degree cold front that we had last week, coupled with my new measuring cups from Brooke, well it was just too much to resist.

happy birthday sammie!

My niece, Samantha, turns 3 today! She is one funny kid, as you will see in this clip from her family’s blog.

Here she is with her Uncle Jon on his wedding day:

To see more clips and pictures of Sammie, visit their blog.

We love you Sammie! Happy Birthday cutie pie!

our happiest place on earth

Our days at Disneyland went by too fast. We were lucky enough to share them with both The Cobbs and The Whites.

Gene, Bridget and Caitlin waiting to get their spin on.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear was rather exciting.

But Aladin took the cake. She is telling him here that Jasmine is her favorite princess. That’s news to me!

I think a teeny crush formed.

We were there just days before the opening of the Nemo Submarine attraction. But they had the seagulls working, they randomly call out, “mine! mine! mine!” in their funny voices.

The traditional family picture.

I for Inez.

This is one of our favorite places to hang out in New Orleans Square.

Especially because it’s right next to the spot where Dave can pick up his favorite refreshment.

Inez and Natalie were happily playing here until a cast member came up to them and told them they had to get off because there were snakes in that honey. They freaked out as any little girl would. I couldn’t believe someone would actually say that instead of something more appropriate like, “please get down from there.”

We are always so sad when our days at Disneyland are over.

the whites

Well our little vacation was spent mostly with James, Melissa and Natalie White. James and Dave were roomates at BYU, and all four of us were in the same singles ward. Over the years we have forged many memories. To name just a few there were many BYU Football games, a Dave Matthews concert where some drunk girls wanted to fight, and transporting a mattress across town on the top of their jetta without rope. We got minor cases of frostbite(not really) as this was in the dead of winter and we had to hold it, with our hands, on top of the car from the inside. Did I mention there were no ropes? Ironically, Dave and I witnessed a very similar scene in the streets of San Francisco. I think it was near Lombard Street. Or maybe I just think that would make for a better story and my memory is thus.

James and Melissa are also responsible for introducing us to Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples. We once spent a whole weekend in Park City playing “Settlers” as we nerdily call it, and consequently haven’t played together since. There was a lot of talk of playing it during this vacation, but it never came to pass. We did however watch a pretty bad movie, Because I Said So. But sometimes the bad movies make for memorable memories, aww, girrrll! Am I right guys? We also rented Fletch, because to everyone’s surprise I had never seen it. Add this to the list of movies that I haven’t seen and thus am shocking to others, like Saturday’s Warrior. Well you can continue to be shocked because I fell asleep and still haven’t seen it.

Besides hanging out, watching movies, making cookies and reminiscing about random topics, such as Small Wonder, we spent Memorial Day on Coronado Island, staying with James’ grandparents who live down there and just happen to be the nicest people on the planet (I want to move in with them). We went to Sea World and Disneyland as well, which I’ll post about later.

Here we are at the park with the coolest bubble machine. We were the most popular kids there.
Natalie LOVES Minnie, hence the dress.

Memorial Day on Coronado Islandand it was perfect. No crowds and not too hot. The girls lead us down to the beach.

A true girl, Natalie loves shoes.

We had a lot of fun with the Whites and look forward to our vacation with them next year! Well at least I had fun, but I’m just one person.

on the road

I don’t know what it is, but I love roadtrips. Admitedly more fun without kids, but we managed anyway. Eating, singing, reading, watching DVDs, playing road games, eating both good snacks and junk food (by the way, I’ve lost two of the five pounds that I had gained!). The music we listened to varied from Weezer to the Beach Boys and Ben Folds to Justin Timberlake (a guilty pleasure of mine). And my car is still in desperate need of a good cleaning, inside and out. Here are a few snippets from I-15 (and two from the 57).

The mandatory stop at In-n-Out Burger.

Gwen with her fast little hands is learning quickly that there is much out there that tastes better than baby food.

I have to say that there are some really dumb people out there. This actually looked worse if you were driving right behind this person, but once we moved over into the other lane we were a bit nervous to be behind this loaded truck again.

These are for you James! I saw a flyer at church for Mormon Night at Angel Stadium. I totally miss that.

unexepected goodies

We came home to a few good surprises…
A wonderful welcome home sign (a Kewish family tradition) by Mom, Dad, Jon and Ashley. Replete with an illustration of the Matterhorn and “Harold” the monster because that was the first roller coaster that Nezzie conquered—albeit with covered eyes and head ducked down the whole time. By the way, I like that Dave and I are an afterthought.
A fully bloomed Amaryllis, which is a bit of a late bloomer as they usually bloom in the winter! I think I need to use the word “bloom” once more in that sentence.
A beautiful newly painted room, where Gwenie is currently residing.
And my beloved measuring cups by Nigella from Brooke.

She took my wish list seriously (hint, hint everyone). Brooke, YTB. Seriously. And they are so beautiful, I almost don’t want to use them.

Especially because the first time I use them it will be for my yummy chocolate chip cookies. And the problem is that I just can’t make them right now because I gained FIVE pounds over the last week & a half!

Vacations are fun, but it’s great when you have wonderful things and people to come home to!

we’re back

We got in last night at about 11pm.
We are tired, dirty, disorganized, adjusting, sleeping, needing to unpack, do a TON of laundry, charge cameras, dump down photos and video and of course, blog.

So, as soon as the first nine things are taken care of, the last one can happen.

And that is something I can look forward to.