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One of our days on vacation was spent at Sea World. Inez really loved watching Shamu as well as the dolphin show. Since returning home, she has named this little wooden dolphin Dolly, after the high jumping dolphin from Sea World. I love Sea World, it makes me miss living near the beach and also reminds me that I once wanted to pursue oceanography. That is until I actually took oceanography at BYU-Hawaii and there was way too much chemistry. Ick.

Here we are feeding the bat rays. Inez was really excited to do this until I fed the first one and kind of let out a little squeal because it was a bit startling.

Feeding the dolphins

  1. courtneyb

    i’m so glad you did all the fun things in so cal! I can live my fantsies through you, I cannot wait to take my kids down there and hit all the hot spots

  2. Brooke

    ooooh, didn’t you just want to jump in with those dolphins?!

    cute picture of u and “mez!”

  3. carol

    I love Sea World! Did you guys sit in the splash zone or chicken out? Gene always sits in the splash zone, and I chicken out. It’s 60 degree salt water that gets splashed on you so no matter how hot it is that’s a shock:) Feeding is fun too. I agree about the sting rays being a bit of a shock. I tried it first and didn’t know how strong their suck is so gave a little “Ow” too. After that the girls wanted nothing to do with it. No convincing that it was fine was going to get them to do something their mom had just said ow to. I guess that’s their survival instinct kicking in.

  4. Holly

    we chickened out and didn’t sit in the splash zone. it is funny though, because as inez and i were watching the videos from our trip, i was pointing out how wet people were getting and she told me that she wants to sit there next time. i’m just not a big fan of walking around the park soaking wet. i’m sure i would have gone for it when i was a teenager or something. not that gene is immature or anything…just a kid at heart. :)

  5. courtneyb

    the thought of sea animal poop always kept me out of the splash zone.

  6. Holly

    good point courtney.

  7. Tracy

    eew – gross. We went about 4 years ago and I had no Idea that the “Splash Zone” really meant “Soaked to the bone Zone!” We thought we’d get a little wet – but Oh my gosh – thank goodness it was a horribly hot day! After being soaked, we were dry in what seemed minutes. I’m glad you got to go with your family Holly – great memories! (I like that new name – Soaked to the Bone Zone!)

  8. Joe

    We have annual passes to Sea World here and the boys go between wanting to sit in the splash zone and not wanting to sit there. The first time we sat there, an entire wave of cold salt water completely covered us. The boys were both cringing and sputtering so I said “WOW, HA, isn’t that FUN? Wow, that water is COLD!” trying to distract them. Charles was licking his lips and said, “Yeah, and yucky!”


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