sprinkles of makaafi

So when we were in So Cal, we visited Beth, my very dear and old friend (as in longtime, not age), and her cute little family.

So we (as in the Lesues) visited them (as in the Makaafis) whilst in the real O.C. We let the kiddies run around awhile and then we went to Sprinkles for some delicious fatness. After that, we headed on over to the Newport Beach Temple where the children were perfectly reverent angels. Except that Inez stole a rock from the fountain. They are all glued down or sealed or cemented or something, but she must have pulled one loose somehow. Oops. Maybe we’ll put it in the fountain of the Provo temple.

Here are some pictures of the Makaafi children, who should all be modeling and putting their parents through vacations and houses and such. My children couldn’t look whiter next to them, and rightly so since that is what they are. Beth’s children are half Tongan and once again, rightly so since their father is Tongan himself. Ilai, Inez, Gwen, Eden and Anela (or “Vanilla” as Inez called her).

I was also priveledged enough to taste some taro (is that right Beth?) with coconut milk. It wasn’t too bad. The coconut milk helped, I think.

Then Sprinkles…

It looks like someone is presenting them in this picture, but it is just Inez going for the one with the candy dot on top. The flavors are (left to right, top row): banana, chocolate peanut butter and dark chocolate, (bottom row) black and white, another chocolate p.b., and vanilla. They are very rich, and very yummy.

And not too far from Sprinkles is the Newport Beach Temple.

Beth and Fo’ou posed for the Prom

Here’s our perfectly reverent angel.

  1. Holly

    i think i underestimate the power that a little cupcake can hold. they are very tasty. but they are also so rich, and usually nothing is too rich for me. dave couldn’t eat the p.b. chocolate in one sitting. they also sell “shots” of frosting. you should check out their site and visit when you guys go down there!

  2. Beth

    That post was great. And I’m not just saying that cause it was about me! I loved the part about Nezzie and the rock. You’re so honest to take it to the Provo fountain.

  3. Holly

    except that if i were really honest, i’d mail it to the n.b. temple!

  4. courtneyb

    those kids ARE gorgeous! so the cupcakes are worth the hype? how is the price?

  5. Holly

    courtney, pretty pricey. i paid $20 for 6, which dave is probably still mad about. they use this vanilla that costs $300 per gallon, or something like that, and other really good, really expensive ingredients. so that’s how they justify the prices. just don’t get too excited about them, or you could be underwhelmed.


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