stuck in my head

I am in love with this song right now. Can’t stop listening to it. It has this 80’s feel to it and I love that. Don’t let the video influence your opinion of the song. Maybe just listen to it while you have another page open or something.

“Young Folks” by Peter Bjorn and John

  1. the mccoy's

    i love it too. in fact, i almost posted it too. why is it just so brilliant? so cool.

  2. Tracy

    Hey! That IS a great song! I actually really liked it. I have the beginning whistling part stuck in my head. :)

  3. Jon

    Haha Ash and I like this song too right now, its weird and different I think that’s why its popular. The funny thing is that we saw the guy and girl perform it on Jay Leno and it hurt to watch them, they’re totally weird and we thought it was a joke!

  4. Dave

    I love that song, but hate the video for some reason. It ’s not a bad video, but it just seems like it takes away from the song somehow.


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