the whites

Well our little vacation was spent mostly with James, Melissa and Natalie White. James and Dave were roomates at BYU, and all four of us were in the same singles ward. Over the years we have forged many memories. To name just a few there were many BYU Football games, a Dave Matthews concert where some drunk girls wanted to fight, and transporting a mattress across town on the top of their jetta without rope. We got minor cases of frostbite(not really) as this was in the dead of winter and we had to hold it, with our hands, on top of the car from the inside. Did I mention there were no ropes? Ironically, Dave and I witnessed a very similar scene in the streets of San Francisco. I think it was near Lombard Street. Or maybe I just think that would make for a better story and my memory is thus.

James and Melissa are also responsible for introducing us to Settlers of Catan and Apples to Apples. We once spent a whole weekend in Park City playing “Settlers” as we nerdily call it, and consequently haven’t played together since. There was a lot of talk of playing it during this vacation, but it never came to pass. We did however watch a pretty bad movie, Because I Said So. But sometimes the bad movies make for memorable memories, aww, girrrll! Am I right guys? We also rented Fletch, because to everyone’s surprise I had never seen it. Add this to the list of movies that I haven’t seen and thus am shocking to others, like Saturday’s Warrior. Well you can continue to be shocked because I fell asleep and still haven’t seen it.

Besides hanging out, watching movies, making cookies and reminiscing about random topics, such as Small Wonder, we spent Memorial Day on Coronado Island, staying with James’ grandparents who live down there and just happen to be the nicest people on the planet (I want to move in with them). We went to Sea World and Disneyland as well, which I’ll post about later.

Here we are at the park with the coolest bubble machine. We were the most popular kids there.
Natalie LOVES Minnie, hence the dress.

Memorial Day on Coronado Islandand it was perfect. No crowds and not too hot. The girls lead us down to the beach.

A true girl, Natalie loves shoes.

We had a lot of fun with the Whites and look forward to our vacation with them next year! Well at least I had fun, but I’m just one person.

  1. Gingerlylizzy

    We moved into Camelot in 2005. We only lived there for 11 months or so, so we weren’t in the ward very long…

  2. Brooke

    love miss gwen in her cute sun hat. and i love nez’s dress. i’m always loving nez’s dresses… why don’t they make them in my size?

  3. kristy wihongi

    i’m so glad that you had fun. i am a little jealous…but as you know, las vegas was just as fun….hahaha. i’d like to meet these guys, since i just consider all your friends, my friends. however, i did take note that you mentioned ‘next year’s vacation with them’. and, although i do like them, as my new friends…..
    i believe a trip to seattle is more appropriate. later skater;)

  4. Dave

    Why did we come back again? I’m trying to remember…

  5. Brooke

    that’s the best kind of vacation… the ones you never want to end. that’s why i stick to my philosophy of “leaving on a high note.” even one day too long and it might color the whole vacation.

    and what about us! we want a lesue-vaca! bear lake? camping?

  6. Holly

    as much as i love disneyland, i want to move to coronado island. maybe gigi(or is it g.g.?) and papa will adopt us…

    kristy – yes, a trip to seattle is a necessity. maybe this fall?

    brooke – for sure, camping at bear lake. that sounds like a LOT of fun.

    dave – we are SO popular

  7. James

    Holly – I’ve seen it both ways, G.G. and Gigi…can’t go wrong either way. I’ll get the adoption paperwork in order post-haste.

    I’m feeling the love, I suppose we’ll just tag along to Seattle and Bear Lake.

    And Dave, Poco Taco.

  8. Laurie Turk

    Love the Minnie dress. My oldest son was addicted to Mickey mouse when he was about her age. So cute!


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