unexepected goodies

We came home to a few good surprises…
A wonderful welcome home sign (a Kewish family tradition) by Mom, Dad, Jon and Ashley. Replete with an illustration of the Matterhorn and “Harold” the monster because that was the first roller coaster that Nezzie conquered—albeit with covered eyes and head ducked down the whole time. By the way, I like that Dave and I are an afterthought.
A fully bloomed Amaryllis, which is a bit of a late bloomer as they usually bloom in the winter! I think I need to use the word “bloom” once more in that sentence.
A beautiful newly painted room, where Gwenie is currently residing.
And my beloved measuring cups by Nigella from Brooke.

She took my wish list seriously (hint, hint everyone). Brooke, YTB. Seriously. And they are so beautiful, I almost don’t want to use them.

Especially because the first time I use them it will be for my yummy chocolate chip cookies. And the problem is that I just can’t make them right now because I gained FIVE pounds over the last week & a half!

Vacations are fun, but it’s great when you have wonderful things and people to come home to!

  1. Tracy

    Yay!! I missed your blog! Okay – on a scale from 1-10 – rate your trip!

  2. the mccoy's

    holly. isn’t brooke the best? she sent me an apron that i adore. what a sweetie.

    love your pics. love your measuring cups. love it all.

  3. Holly

    Tracy – considering the teething baby and the large crowds, i’d rate it a 9.5. it was great! and seeing beth was a lot of fun too!

    Cori – yes, she IS the best! i love your apron, very cute!


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