summertime, and the livin’ is easy

These are just two of the many reasons I love the mid-summer season.

1. Unbelievably delicious fruit like this

because I put it on my oatmeal in the morning, topped with a little brown sugar, and it is TO DIE FOR. It may even be better than chocolate, which may shock Dave because he doesn’t believe that phrase could possibly ever leave my mouth, but it’s true.
But look. See? Doesn’t it look yummy?

2. Shark Week.

It scares me half to death, but I love it.

happy birthday teina!

Teina is six today! Our sweet, timid, cute little nephew. Nezzie & Gwenie sure miss you! Hope you have a happy birthday!!

‘R’ is for…

ridiculously large zucchinis left on our doorstep.

See? See how large they are compared to the butcher knife?

our anniversary weekend in p.c.

Well it was more like 24 hours, but a little getaway with Dave for that long and no kids, counts as a weekend in my book. And even though our anniversary was a few weeks ago, we decided to celebrate with more than just a dinner date this year.

And we know that it’s our own fault for getting married the day after a holiday because we’ll always have belated anniversary celebrations, which is just fine with me as long as: A. there is still a celebration of some sort and B. it’s not too belated.

We stayed at the Stein Eriksen Lodge and it was probably the nicest place we’ve ever been (not too hard since it’s a five star lodge/four star resort). We just relaxed and crusied Park City, ate at Main St. Pizza & Noodle and felt really awkward anytime tipping was involved.

I got Dave the shirt he is wearing in the above photo as well that this t-shirt

and this book

He got me this dvd set, with Attenborough’s not Sigourney’s narration (thanks to Joe)

and also this album. We lurve The Shins, yet didn’t have this entire album…until now.

It was so fun and refreshing and needed and peaceful.

I love anniversaries and Dave.

have you ever?

So I have this dilemma. A certain high profile G.A. who happens to be in our ward had both his knees replaced last week. So, as I drove by his house yesterday the thought occured to me, “I should take him cookies. After all, we are neighbors and I make wicked awesome cookies.” Well, I didn’t actually think “wicked awesome” (that was just for Erin), but they are wickedly delicious and wicked for me as I have to weigh in at W.W. tomorrow morning. And as a side note, I want to read the book Wicked that Dave bought for me for Christmas. But before I can bring myself to read it, I need to read the EIGHT books that were loaned to me by various people. I don’t know what it is, but people just give me books to read without my asking for them! The hardest part is that because I didn’t pick them out, they are really hard to start and they generally don’t catch me right away. So they sit and collect dust on my bookshelf and I feel extrememly guilty.

I digress. The dilemma is that I am EXTREMELY intimidated to actually take the cookies to this certain person. I mean, I don’t know if I would be able to even knock on his door, and I can’t leave cookies on his step because who would eat strange cookies left on your doorstep, especially if you were high profile? And now I can’t figure out if this was a prompting (because who doesn’t need cookies while recovering from surgery) or just my mind playing tricks on me. Have you ever had this happen to you? I am frozen, for the moment.

But the butter is already soft, so I have to at least make the dough.

put on your sunglasses

Tonight as I was cleaning out my inbox (which had 256 emails) I ran across this gem that my brother James had sent me last November. It’s kind of long, but the unintentional comedy factor is well worth your seven minutes. Well, at least three.


I am done reading the seventh Harry Potter (no spoilers here, it’s safe to read on).

My brain hurts from reading so late into the night(s) after the girls were asleep. I even read it at the gym the other day but it felt SO wrong! Harry Potter really doesn’t belong at the gym.

I can now catch up on my blog with some recent happenings, so stay tuned.

the face

I love it. A bonus is that she is even raising one eyebrow—an expression that she inherited from her daddy.

her new trick

This* is how I found Gwen after her nap last week. Sitting up, all by herself.

I love and dread these milestones. They are so cute but it also means that my little baby is growing too quickly. I’ll just keep her captive so that she’ll always be mine.

*This picture was a re-enactment of her first and original sitting-up.

happy birthday bridget!

Today my niece, Bridget, turns nine. We just spent some time with Bridget as her family was here for our reunion over the 4th of July and we had a lot of fun with her. Inez adores her, and it’s really no wonder because Bridget was so kind and patient with her three-year-old cousin. And she certainly put my mind at ease when they were playing together because I knew that Inez was in good hands. Bridget is a Disneyland loving, little surfer girl (if her Dad has anything to do with it) that lives in San Diego. We love our neice/cousin and hope that she had a wonderful birthday!

Here she is with Gwen, after riding Splash Mountain and consequentially getting wet.

Gidget Bridget