I am done reading the seventh Harry Potter (no spoilers here, it’s safe to read on).

My brain hurts from reading so late into the night(s) after the girls were asleep. I even read it at the gym the other day but it felt SO wrong! Harry Potter really doesn’t belong at the gym.

I can now catch up on my blog with some recent happenings, so stay tuned.

  1. the mccoy's

    did you cry?

  2. Tracy

    So THAT’S where you have been!! Man, this Harry Potter book has completely taken over America!! That’s all everyone is talking about – geez, I must be really missing out…

  3. Holly

    I know! It’s sort of embarrassing to be 31 and really like the Harry Potter books. It’s like being 31 and really liking Justin Timberlake. Things I shouldn’t say out loud or blog about. Oh well, too late.


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