grandpa lesue

Inez loves going to Grandma and Grandpa Lesue’s house. I love it too because not only does she have a lot of fun when she is there, but she uses much of her energy while she’s away. It’s a win-win.
Here she is helping Grandpa on a project.

Grandpa is famous for his garden. He and Grandma work hard on it almost the whole year through and we are happy to reap what they sow.

  1. Brooke

    utilizing prop as a smile. such a classic!

  2. courtneyb

    how do you get her hair so perfect?

  3. Tracy

    I LOVE that big open mouth smile she does – it is SO cute!!! She is such a pretty, pretty girl. What a fun time for her!

  4. Holly

    courtney – this was a day where i actually did her hair. and i usually have her distracted with a show on tv while i’m doing it.

  5. the mccoy's

    grandpas are the best. such sweet photos.


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