her new trick

This* is how I found Gwen after her nap last week. Sitting up, all by herself.

I love and dread these milestones. They are so cute but it also means that my little baby is growing too quickly. I’ll just keep her captive so that she’ll always be mine.

*This picture was a re-enactment of her first and original sitting-up.

  1. Brooke

    oh, i was feeling all impressed that she kept her head band on during her nap… tess won’t keep hers on while awake or otherwise.

    she’s so cute. i love her sweet cheeks…

  2. Dave

    I was so confused as I left for work this morning and you asked me to close our bedroom door on the way out. We never close our door during the day, so I didn’t understand until you explained, “…so Gwen doesn’t crawl out.”

    It was then that I knew. Our lives would never be the same again.

    It’s so much easier when they’re immobile.

  3. Liz

    It is crazy how fast they grow up and learn new things. I think Tori misses having a floor buddy. It was so fun to watch them crawl around and on top of each other when we were there.

  4. Holly

    we totally miss you guys. i know that inez and gwen are disappointed that they are stuck with me now and that all the fun cousins are gone. well, i guess it’s not as bad now as it will be once mom and dad go back to china and it really is just the three of us everyday!

  5. Mom K

    What do you mean: the three of you? Aren’t we taking them…or at least one of them with us?

    And, YES…we miss alla buddies too! Seems so quiet around here now. :(


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