okay. i won’t go to australia.

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Before going any further, I realize and acknowledge that there are many people on God’s green earth that have it much worse than I do. But for me and my house, today was a bad day. I’m not going to list it all. But just a few highlights of my bad day include:

• being informed by our health insurance company that we can’t cancel our insurance until the end of the month. Well, actually we can. But we will still be charged the full amount of $404.60 even if we faxed over our written request and cancelled it today. Dave’s work finally got us on a group plan. And because it wasn’t greenlit until yesterday, we hadn’t cancelled our private insurance. So we are paying through the nose and not being supplemented by Dave’s work (like we used to be), and having the new insurance money for the new plan taken out of the paycheck all in the same month. All this for our terrible coverage. Fantastic.

• dealing with THE grumpiest three-year-old in all of Utah County. She certainly woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it just went downhill from there.

• my rib(s) going out of place for the third day in a row. It’s so lovely when it happens because I can hardly breathe, let alone pick up a ten month old while dealing with the most dramatic three-year-old.

• having super hairy legs, very dirty feet and going on the second day of wearing the same shirt. Day and night.

This evening I had to run to the library before it closed and I was still feeling sorry for myself, so I went to drown my sorrows at Target. And I bought this for myself.

I also made cookie dough. It was too late to bake them tonight, so I just had a few bites. I felt so much better.

Now, I’m not trying to generate sympathy or get cookies delivered (especially since I have some dough in the fridge right now). I’m just venting. I know it’s on days like this that I need to write in my gratitude journal and remember the good that still surrounds me. For example:

• even after spanking (yes, spanking happens on days like today) my three-year-old, she still loves me.

• having my sister in town for a few more days, and sharing some quality girl time with her and my Mom tonight after all the kids were asleep and until my Dad came upstairs because it was 1am, wanting to go to bed and kicked us out (in a nice way) of his room.

• having a husband that loves me no matter how hairy my legs get and I’m sure, hasn’t even noticed that I’ve sported the same shirt two days in a row.

So, no matter how terrible, horrible, no good, or very bad my days get, I know that I still have it good. Especially as long as Target is open.

  1. the mccoy's

    target is the remedy for everything. i hear you there. cookie dough is the best. did you know sonic has a cookie dough blast right now? haven’t had it yet.

    what kind of cookie dough do you have in your fridge? just wondering.

    i feel so calm commenting again. i can hear ben singing. i have checked your blog SO much, just to hear that song, its quicker than finding my cd.

  2. Nils

    I went to Target last week for the same reason. I blew $50 that we didn’t have, but I felt happy when I came home- so it was totally worth it!

  3. Nils and/or Katrina

    okay, that last comment was made by me, Katrina- Nils wouldn’t go to Target for therapy reasons!

  4. Brooke

    i heart target– but really, who doesn’t?

  5. David

    Everyone has tried to not show you any sympathy because of your line that you were not looking for sympathy–but let’s be honest…who doesn’t love just a little sympathy? Sorry you had a rotten day- I’m glad you bought something. Maybe it is girly, but I like buying things to cheer myself up. I did read a study once that said buying things releases endorphins similar to those when you exercise, which is why people get addicted to it. Cool, huh? So go get a blue bracelet that matches the first one. I hope tommorow will be better than today. I yelled at Jackson yesterday and Jenny put him in the other crib like it was a cage because we were so fed up with him…so either we are both not bad parents or we are bad parents together. Cheers!

  6. Kristen

    Hey sweetie! I hate bad days. I have them now and then and I spank sometimes too. I think it hurts my feelings more than theirs. I’m just glad to know I’m not the only one that has bad days. Next time you’re having one call me and we’ll have a girls night out and spend some dough (and eat some too) together! I love this song on your blog!!

  7. Julie

    I sooooo understand your bad day! We need to get together! Hey by the way I’m your new visiting teacher so like it or not you are stuck with me!! HaHa sucka

  8. Tracy

    I’m so sorry Holly – I’m glad it’s all over now and hope that you have had much better days since then! LOVED your vent and love that you admitted you had hairy legs. :) Love that hubby of yours too – he’s a keeper.


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