our anniversary weekend in p.c.

Well it was more like 24 hours, but a little getaway with Dave for that long and no kids, counts as a weekend in my book. And even though our anniversary was a few weeks ago, we decided to celebrate with more than just a dinner date this year.

And we know that it’s our own fault for getting married the day after a holiday because we’ll always have belated anniversary celebrations, which is just fine with me as long as: A. there is still a celebration of some sort and B. it’s not too belated.

We stayed at the Stein Eriksen Lodge and it was probably the nicest place we’ve ever been (not too hard since it’s a five star lodge/four star resort). We just relaxed and crusied Park City, ate at Main St. Pizza & Noodle and felt really awkward anytime tipping was involved.

I got Dave the shirt he is wearing in the above photo as well that this t-shirt

and this book

He got me this dvd set, with Attenborough’s not Sigourney’s narration (thanks to Joe)

and also this album. We lurve The Shins, yet didn’t have this entire album…until now.

It was so fun and refreshing and needed and peaceful.

I love anniversaries and Dave.

  1. James

    Here’s a belated congratulations on 5 years! Love the Shins album too. Oh, by the way, you didn’t happen to create an extremely large “Settlers of Catan” board and play on it for 20 of your 24 hours in PC? Just wondering.

  2. Holly

    We couldn’t have done that without you and Melissa, James! It just wouldn’t feel right.

    Also, congrats on 5 years to you guys too! The 26th?

  3. Melissa

    Happy 5th you guys! What a cute couple. And great song choice.

  4. Beth

    What a great little getaway! I loved the tipping comment. We always try to act like we know exactly what we’re doing too.

  5. Tracy

    I love the picture of you two! Great looking couple – Holly – you are SO pretty :)


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