put on your sunglasses

Tonight as I was cleaning out my inbox (which had 256 emails) I ran across this gem that my brother James had sent me last November. It’s kind of long, but the unintentional comedy factor is well worth your seven minutes. Well, at least three.

  1. the mccoy's

    holly thanks for the laugh this morn… i like the one…the baldy asked him, “what are ya gonna do?”… horatio {sp?)…is quiet, then puts on the sunglasses. like they are his thinking glasses. “i am gonna get to the truth”. they must make him more powerful and insightful. especially those dramatic lines. loved it.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey I like the end and its not too gay like the rest of the clips. Oh wait…it is! What is he doing? Kneeling down? Llaaaaammmee. That’s funny

  3. Anonymous

    That last comment was from your favorite brother. Need I say more?

  4. Holly

    Yeah Jon, I thought you especially would probably cringe at the clip where they are in Brazil.

  5. Marie

    He is killing me. He is quite the Dramatic actor! My husband and I are laughing so hard.


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