summertime, and the livin’ is easy

These are just two of the many reasons I love the mid-summer season.

1. Unbelievably delicious fruit like this

because I put it on my oatmeal in the morning, topped with a little brown sugar, and it is TO DIE FOR. It may even be better than chocolate, which may shock Dave because he doesn’t believe that phrase could possibly ever leave my mouth, but it’s true.
But look. See? Doesn’t it look yummy?

2. Shark Week.

It scares me half to death, but I love it.

  1. Ashley

    oh my gosh Holly, last night I watched the “top 5 deadly encounters” I’m never going in the ocean again. It freaks me out…but I couldn’t change the channel. I love it!

  2. the mccoy's

    we love shark week too. my husband made me go to the online store, and see about the dvds. love it. so scary. did you see that guy last night swimming with 1 female tiger shark, then all of a sudden being surrounded by like 2o other sharks.

    my upper lip stared to get all sweaty.

  3. Melissa

    Really? Shark week? Interesting!

  4. Joe

    I can’t get enough of shark week. It’s one of my favorite TV events, and I have many.

    On a related note, we are planning on going to the beach this weekend–this time to Mustang Island instead of all the way down to South Padre. So naturally I look up the fishing down there and happen upon something called the Bob Hall Pier. It’s actually right next to our hotel, which means very close to the actual beach where we will be swimming (or where we WERE going to be swimming). The Bob Hall Pier is like any other pier–you drop your bait over the side and reel up what bites it. The difference is that on the Bob Hall Pier, you can catch things like TEN FOOT TIGER SHARKS RIGHT OFF THE PIER. Um, I think we’ll pass on the pier fishing–and the swimming. Check it out:

    And Bull sharks (as in the ones that attack the most people in the US)

    And hammerheads:

    And Tarpon (not necessarily dangerous, but wow)

    Check out more pics:

  5. Holly

    Joe-Yikes! But is that The Devil that caught the hammerhead shark?

    I think you should not take your family into that water, just stick to making Charles eat sand.

  6. Brooke

    i love shark week. it always makes me afraid of the ocean though…

  7. Brooke

    and i’m sorry. it looks delish, but better than chocolate?!?!

  8. Holly

    dave didn’t believe me either but i swear it is so good. but if i had to choose, it’s better than milk, but not dark.

  9. Jody

    You know how I can tell it’s mid summer? Because my 2-month old nursing baby has started pooping regularly again because of all the yummy fruit I have been eating. I’m sorry, I know, TMI.

    I’m totally with you on the fruit thing.

  10. Holly

    Jody, I don’t know how to respond to that and I hope my parents don’t read that…for your sake.

  11. Jody

    I know, I’m sorry. I think I hit “publish your comment” before I knew what I was doing.

    I am forcing myself right now NOT to go into a huge long explination about Beck’s BM’s for fear of being blocked to ever post a comment again.

    Isn’t it natural for a mom to analyze thier babies diaper changes?

  12. Holly

    100% natural. and only other moms understand.


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