the face

I love it. A bonus is that she is even raising one eyebrow—an expression that she inherited from her daddy.

  1. Julie

    What a cutie! It’s “bitter milk face”. Don’t you just love her personality! You can tell she’ll be fun.

  2. the mccoy's

    such a cute picture holly.

  3. Perfectly Blended

    What an absolutely adorable little facial expression!!! I love the funny things they do when they are little!!!

  4. Tracy

    That is the greatest face ever!! You need to teach her to do that when you ask for a kiss – it would be the bestest kiss EVER!!

  5. Holly

    Tracy, she does do it now when I ask for kisses! Well, she either makes this face or does the raspberry.

  6. Tracy

    Oh, PERFECT!! You have trained her well! Beth’s little one, Anela, also has the best kiss lips when you ask her for one. I love it!

  7. kristy wihongi

    very nice…i miss that liddle pucker…wow, that sounds like it could be interpreted wrong. you know what i mean. 0kay, love the music…yes, you guys will now have to teach me how to do that on my blog. i just love it when you can learn from your younger siblings :) (and spouses)….
    i do miss you guys. had no one to sing alto with in church on sunday. :( and now i’m getting even sadder listening to this darn song. better go before i burst into tears. i love and miss you all.


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