the fourth of july. and the fifth, and sixth. oh and june 30th.

Here are a few thing we have been up to lately:

Inez marching in the children’s parade

Gwenie post children’s parade

cheering for Dave

cheering for Uncle Joe

cheering for Aunt Liz

cheering for Uncle Jon

and cheering for Dad in the Freedom Run

our very own Little Miss Firecracker

a very sad Little Miss Firecracker

cracking algunos cascarones con los primos, brought from TX from Uncle Joe & Aunt Liz

anticipating fireworks with the cousins

hanging out with her very smart cousin, Tui

watching fireworks with Dave


too loud



and more fireworks

hanging out with Auntie Kiki and Teina

doing the fireworks dance

our girl is growing up too fast, she looks so old here!

the lineup

with more sparklers

all the kiddos with their glow necklaces

in the light of the fireworks

more dancing and jumping

running with the glow necklaces

and a few more fireworks

and our firework lighters(Uncle Joe, Uncle Vaughn, Uncle Jon and Tainui) give us the sparkler version of the Samoan Fire knife dance for the finale

  1. courtneyb

    love inez’s flag shirt, jealous i couldn’t run the 5k ;) that is a great picture of gwen in the stroller! yes Inez is growing up WAY too fast, especially in that cute little outfit and platform sandals. cool shots of the fireworks and kiddos.

  2. Dave

    I love the photo of Nezzie being “Charlie Brown” sad.

  3. Kristi

    LOVE this song! And cute pictures! Miss Firecracker is adorable!

  4. Brooke

    the kids are cute. but so is auntie kiki. :)

  5. Joe

    Great pics–I can’t believe how old all the little kids look. We really miss everyone now that we’re back in SA-town. Joey hasn’t yet stopped complaining that he didn’t want to leave Utah. I think he was offended that he didn’t have a say.


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