Five years of wedded bliss.

Today marks five years of our marriage.

 I love you Dave.

P.S.  Happy tenth Anniversary to Beth & Fo’ou today too!
  1. Brooke

    happy anniversary! happy anniversary! i remembered, i swear!

  2. Dave

    Happy Five Years to you, baby! I love you so much!

    I’m still working on my anniversary post…

    gimme a minute…

  3. the mccoy's

    how did you find out what your anniversary is. like what is 12 years. because mine is this weekend. please tell me diamonds, or cruiser bikes or something rad like that.

    hope you had a “lovely” day.

  4. Holly

    cori – i just googled ‘anniversary’ and found a site that listed all traditional and modern anniversary gifts. happy anniversary to you guys too! 12 years! congrats!

  5. Julie

    Happy Aniversary you two…Late! I love that picture of you guys.


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