chocolate rain

I don’t know what to say about this. There really aren’t any words for what you are about to experience.

  1. Holly

    I know what to say. First, I can’t believe that you actually posted this. And second, sorry to our readers.

  2. Dave

    Sorry to our readers? More like, you’re welcome to our readers!

  3. the mccoy's

    he could of wrote a much cuter song… i am thinking willy wonka ish.

  4. Jon

    I’m already downloading the free mp3

  5. Katrina

    Is it just me, or does he look like he’s 13? I enjoyed watching him move away from the mic when breathing. Ha ha!

  6. Liz

    What?!? All I could think about was drinking a big glass of chocolate milk.

  7. Joe

    Was there something someone said about James Earl Jones? Oh, that was on the last post…

    Anyway, he reminds me of a young JEJ.

    Also, this is now my new ring tone.

  8. Dave

    I like how he mixes it up about a third of the way through the video by switching to an upside down shot of him playing the keyboard.

    It’s very thrilling.

  9. Tracy

    thrilling indeed. You are right. There are no words. Dang – It figures that I listened to that at 12:30am when I am about to go to bed. I am going to have visions of chocolate rain all night long.

  10. courtneyb

    completly unrelated question, did you like the “freakenomics” book you were reading a while back? i remember seeing it on your blog.

  11. David

    I am a better person now. My thanks.

  12. Jody

    I’m speechless.

    I guess if I were really speechless I wouldn’t have a comment.

    I guess I’m mostly speechless.

  13. abbyandcompany

    Well that’s 4 minutes of my life that I am never going to get back. But the comment from Dave about your welcome made me laugh. You guys are probably hilarious together.

  14. Matthew Gardner

    Thank you Dave. Thank you.

  15. Mom K

    Okay, I just had a giggle over the comments. When I clicked on it…I listened for a bit and then said in my head (or maybe even out loud): WHAT AM I DOING LISTENING TO THIS????

  16. Holly

    Courtney I’m answering for Dave. He loved Freakonomics. He even read it while we were at Disneyland.

    I know. You are wondering who brings a book to Disneyland? Well, Dave does.


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