Taken the day my Mom was born (Christmas).

Graduated first in his class from NAOCS (Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School).

Here is some guy with Carol, Kristy and Heather, that closely resembles Dad—except for the large mustache. Actually, this was the seventies, as he entered the “B School” at Harvard, so maybe it’s okay?

He has run 13 marathons, and countless 10Ks and 5Ks.
This was after finishing the Palos Verdes Marathon.

Here’s a sweet action shot during the St. George marathon.

Falling asleep in his chair, as usual.

Always making us laugh.

Still running at his age, and winning medals.

A true Cougar, he bleeds blue. Here he is hiking the Y in his “BYU–Heck, Yes!” t-shirt.

Grandpa of 18, and a great one at that.

His wanderlust…

taking Mom with him to the far reaches of the world.

One of my favorite childhood memories (Carol probably won’t remember this;) ) was when we would ride around the neighborhood in our VW Van. What distinguishes it from any “normal” drive was that the side door was open and we would sit with our legs hanging out. As we turned corners and passed over the gutters, water from our neighbor’s sprinklers would splash up on our legs and feet and we would squeal with delight. I know, we were easily entertained. But the best part of my memory is that when my Dad started to slow down as we approached the house, us kids would start chanting, “go, go, go, go, go, go” until he would either stop in front of our house, much to our dismay, or speed up again and take us on another trip around the block, which was always met with cheers, squeals and probably fist pumps.
Here’s a picture of our beloved VW Van, that’s me in the passenger seat hanging out the window followed by Heather in the kickin’ socks, next to Joe and Kristy barely in the frame.

We will be so sad when Dad returns to China in about three weeks. He’ll be to Beijing for a year with Mom and I have simply been refusing to think about it until I absolutely have to. I am in a state of denial so I will probably finally think about it as I sob all the way home from the airport. Although the girls are probably going to miss them even more, they are such buddies.

I hope you had a great birthday Dad ! I love you, and sorry for eating so much frosting off your cake.

  1. Brooke

    loved looking at these. loved it.

    happy birthday, dad kewish!

  2. Tracy

    What an awesome tribute to an awesome person! I have warm, fond memories of him being the bishop when I had just entered the youth program. He always made me feel happy to be around him! I can’t believe how much the first marathon picture of him looks like Joe (he will always be Joey, can’t help it!) :)

  3. Holly

    Tracy, did you notice that Brother Strong is in that picture with him? They always ran together. And you probably haven’t seen Jon since he was “Jon-Jon” but he really looks like my Dad did at his age!

  4. Beth

    That was so much fun!! I saw Brother Strong and had a de-ja-vu so fast! We did the same thing in our red VW. So fun! And how things have changed. I feel honored to have ran with him for 30 min. in Morgan Hill.

  5. Jody

    That was such a neat post! Are you his favorite? After that you should be! I have a good memories of your father too, when Beth and I stopped by on our road trip. Too long to post about in the comment section but Beth can tell you about it sometime. He really is such a nice guy.

  6. Joe

    Great pics – I especially like the totally 80’s “Welcome” banner from the ‘84 Olympics that Dad worked for. Remember how we had them all throughout our rooms, with each one having “Welcome” in a different language? Also notice the hats on the wall, including a pink Campangolo hat. Sweet.

    And Tracy, I see the resemblance in the marathon pic–except for the fact that he JUST RAN A MARATHON. ;)

    Plus, those are some serious chicken legs in the St. George pic, but that’s what happens when you’re a marathoner, I suppose.

    The van pic is awesome–can you imagine how that would go down in today’s world? “Honey, I’m going to drive around the block in our van and let the kids all sit on the side with their legs hanging out.” How did Mom ever put up with him/us?

  7. courtneyb

    great photos! that was very thoughtful of you.

    ahh, the good ole’ days when we didn’t think of safety ;) I was freaking out thinking of you little kids with your legs dangling out the van. But that’s how we rolled back then, no carseats and what not.

  8. Holly

    Courtney, that wasn’t even the half of it, although it was very dangerous. In that Van we didn’t have middle seats but these cushions that we could stack up and lay on until we were knocked down by turning corners. But maybe my favorite was “surfing.” Which was basically taking turns standing up in the back until we “wiped out” from once again, turning corners, or speed.

    I love those memories because I was the kid. But if it was now and I was the Mom I would be freaking out and probably reported to child services.

    But can you imagine how easy it would be to let your kids just play in the back of the car like that instead of strapped in, zoned out watching movies and eating junk food?! Not you personally, but just people in general.

  9. courtneyb

    oh trust me, I’ve thought of doing that numerous times on road trips. we did it as kids and we’re still alive. but i just don’t dare. good times.


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