I don’t know why I didn’t buy this until yesterday. Clearly, I was not thinking. I had no idea that brushing her teeth could be such a positive experience. Hooray for the battery powered toothbrush!

I could never have survived as a pioneer.

  1. courtneyb

    it’s amazing what a character can do! by the way, is that from sanrio? cloe would love that! and where is the sanrio store?

  2. Holly

    it’s from rite aid, $6.99. sanrio is at a salt lake mall. i can never remember which mall is which. sorry!

  3. kristy wihongi

    plus at sanrio it would probably cost 5 times more. yes, characters did it for tainui too…magically potty trained so he didn’t ’soil’ batman. gosh, i blink my eyes for a minute and you are all busy on the blog. good to see. keep it up. now that the 7/31 deadline is over, can shift focus? hee hee.

  4. Holly

    kris, have you been keeping up on your blog’s comments? check out the post with the group picture on the Y. i can’t stop laughing…

  5. Anonymous

    hiya-holly, salmon bake, friday.

  6. kristy wihongi

    yeah it is pretty funny. we could probably find a pretty good one of most people in all the pictures that were taken during the reunion. except one of liz which was promptly deleted out of respect for her, there are just some things you don’t do to a sister….no it wasn’t really that bad….maybe i can salvage it…:)

  7. the mccoy's

    i am off to buy one or five for that matter.

  8. Brooke

    sanrio is at southtowne. i will meet you there.

  9. carol

    Yeah, those are great. I always keep a stock of two extras too for that sad night when Hello Kitty, Barbie, or Cinderella run out of juice. Also my kids love the flavored toothpaste from Toms of Maine (strawberry, peach, etc.) They are way less toxic than the regular toothpastes.


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