fiddle dee dee

So Mom and Dad leave manana, early in the a.m. We. are. so. sad. I kept getting choked up at church today when I would think, “I won’t be sitting with Mom in R.S. next week” or “This is the last time to do ‘what took you so long’ after church.” I have been trying really hard to not think about the fact that they are leaving so soon.

So in honor of them, Inez wore her chinese dress with a norwegian hairstyle to church today.

And I won’t think about them leaving just now. I’ll think about it tomorrow.

  1. Brooke

    i’m sorry. i need to come and hug you! (it’s point and calorie free you know.)

  2. c jane

    How could they leave that little, darling, eclectic girl?

  3. Holly

    I ate about a million chocolate chip cookies and the great wall of chocolate cake from P.F. Changs. Oh and 3.5 butterscotch squares. It was a bad day.

  4. Natalie

    I hope you’re holding up okay. Nezzie is such a doll. I don’t know how you got her to sit long enough to do her hair, but I am in awe. So cute.

  5. the mccoy's

    holly. i am thinking of you. you have the best parents i have heard, and i know i have said that before. love,cori

  6. Tracy

    Look at that sweet girl of yours!!! Beautiful outfit and hair and face! :) How long were mom and dad there Holly?


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