grandma & grandpa

Today Nezzie said, “I really miss Grandma. She used to rub my nose.” And when I asked her if she wanted some toast she said excitedly, “Grandpa’s toast!? Yes, with butter! And can I lick the butter off of the knife?”
(At the airport the morning they left after getting NO sleep the night before.)

We really miss you guys and all the noise you made around here.

  1. carol

    Hopefully they were able to get some sleep on the plane. I’m sure it was really realy quality sleep at that.:) Maybe it’s different when you travel w/o kids?

  2. Tesoro

    How fun you all were able to see them off. I am sure they are missing you guys as much as you are missing them! What a fun picture!


  3. Brooke

    luke’s yelling “MEZZIE!” while looking at this…

    time for a playdate or what?

  4. Brooke

    now tess is saying “bessie! bessie!”

  5. Tracy

    Your parents look so great! I just love them. Your mom looks EXACTLY the same as I remember her when I was a teenager. Amazing!!

  6. Jody

    I am sooo sad for you! Believe me, I know what your going through. The hardest part is realizing it’s getting easier because you are getting used to them being gone.

    Sadly, it does get easier.

  7. lewis'

    We didn’t know they were leaving so soon. But we are happy for them, I know your Dad was excited about China again. We are thinking of you and your sweet family. We miss them so much too. Church has never been the same, We miss seeing them in the front row.

  8. Mom & Dad

    Hey, I’m on a roll…can’t believe we are “IN” to the blog and comments…even though most of it is in Chinese. We had an interesting trip getting here…delayed overall about 4 and 1/2 hours. That’s okay. Some of the teachers in the program actually had to lay over in SF due to the fog (that is what most of our delay was). But we are here and loving it; missing all of you, of course. It is great to see our friends here again and to connect with the students. This morning we began classes. So exciting! We love all of you who have posted here…and more of you too. Thanks for your support.


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