great wall of evil

So I met my Springville sistahs, Courtney, Katrina & Becky (who needs to start a blog already) for dinner at P.F. Changs last night. Courtney is here visiting from Florence, Italy—where she and her little family live while her husband studies painting—so we had to get together before she leaves.

And it was seriously just what the doctor ordered. After having quite an emotional day, it was a nice way to end it by hanging out with these girls and just laughing. One highlight of the evening was splitting the Great Wall of Chocolate cake.

Good news is that it is probably the healthiest cake ever made. It only has 2240 calories and 89 grams of fat. I’m super excited to weigh in at w.w. this week.

Thanks girls and buon viaggio Courtney!

  1. Ada Bowler

    The Great Wall of Chocolate Cake looks amazing–and definately worth the calories! Chris and I have had so much fun catching up on your blogs!

  2. courtneyb

    thanks for the shout out! i love hanging out with you guys, and miss having good friends to laugh with. I didn’t even think twice about that cake, now I will. Actually, no, I won’t. Hoefully we’ll be back soon. pace!

  3. Brooke

    sounds super fun and worth it…

    and like you needed it.

    i hope you ate it all by yourself!

  4. Tesoro

    Ummm…yeah I want a wall like that. Just one…okay if it is dark then I’ll take two.



  5. Tracy

    YUM – so spill it – why was it an emotional day, Holly? You okay?

  6. Holly

    My parents left for China for about a year. They were there two years ago doing this same program through BYU, teaching at Universities. So it was a very emotional day cause I dropped them off at the airport and was forced to think about them being gone. Not bad, just sad.

  7. Tracy

    Oh, I’m sorry Holly! I remember Beth telling me that now. It will go fast, I promise!

  8. Katrina

    Holly, I just saw this! Are you serious??? It has that many calories, AND FAT? Oh my beating heart be still! Honestly, I don’t even care! It was totally fun!


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