in the spirit of chocolate rain

Now that Chocolate Rain isn’t stuck in your heads anymore, we thought this time we would give you a little ear and eye candy. We present you with the worst music video ever made:

Thanks, Matt.

  1. Holly

    It’s all about the rhyme.

    And I love that at the end, the song isn’t over but the dancers are taking a snack break or something and all of a sudden realize the singers aren’t there. They look around and, Oh, there they are! They are flying off together in a car because they just watched the movie Grease.

  2. the mccoy's

    i like the whole cheerleader/space/grease/theme. this was hilarious.

  3. Dave

    This video is like a cornucopia of sweet dance moves.

  4. Melissa

    Wow…that’s really something. The dancers are quite talented. It kind of reminds me of the music video at the beginning of “Music and Lyrics”, did you see that? It was sadly my favorite part about that movie and actually made the movie worth watching since the rest was kind of lame.

  5. carol

    It’s amazing to me that someone talked that many people into being involved in this….that’s a pretty good salesperson!

  6. Elysia

    Interesting to know.


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