Joey with his first birthday cake.

Often attending an Angels baseball game (he’s the one under the lady in black).

This was Joe’s most memorable Halloween costume. I think it was christened the “Mexican Jumping Bee.” What I don’t understand is how James got labeled the weird one.

Often having to model for Mom.

Torturing our kitty, Taboo.

Served in the Spain, Sevilla mission.

After graduating from BYU, he worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers before returning to school where he got an MBA from the joint program at SAIS and Wharton School of Business.

Traveling the world (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).

Attending royal weddings—hence the formal attire.

Always up for quality ice cream when in town.

His new hobby is fishing, much to Liz’s dismay.

A great Dad to his two boys (and baby girl not pictured here)

One of my favorite memories with Joe was one night when we went to Newport Beach to try and see the grunion run. It was one of those warm summer nights that I miss about So Cal, and we were driving “the boat”/”undercover cop car”, listening to Lenny Kravtiz. Newport was always a fun place to go to where we would hang out at the pier and Balboa Island (I know that Beth will attest to this). Anyway, we didn’t see any grunion that night, but we did see some people digging for sand crabs. They had lights attached to their heads—of the mining variety—and there were a few measly sand crabs in a bucket of water. So Joe went out maybe ten feet into the ocean and dug up a very large sand crab. He then brought it over to the mining family and they exclaimed, “Ooohh!! Das a Biiiig One!!” To this day, this is a quote that anyone in the family (including their posterity) uses on a regular basis, complete with accent.

I hope you had a great Birthday Joe, I love you!

P.S. Move to Utah.

  1. Brooke

    oooh, royal weddings. pray tell…

    happy birthday, joe!

  2. Tracy

    It was so great to see pictures of Joe when he was Joey :) Happy Birthday!

  3. Beth

    ” . . . Baby it ain’t over till it’s oooooover . . .” (Lenny Kravitz) I remember those days!

  4. Joe

    That modeling pic from ‘88 is sweet. It’s an outrage that we never got ‘discovered.’

    For the record, I wasn’t torturing Taboo. I was holding her up so she could catch and eat a bug off the ceiling.

    Brooke, the royal wedding was of a Wharton classmate. We got the invitation and it said “men please wear morning coats and ladies please wear hats.” It was in Belgium and both the bride and groom come from regional royalty. It was held in a church, with a RIDICULOUS reception at one of the small palaces that the bride’s family owns and operates as a meeting/events facility. It was wild for sure, especially partying with the Belgians until morning.

    Beth – I had forgotten you used to run around with us to the beach now and again. Remember going with Lisa Salyer and Lisa Amenya? Wow, I haven’t thought of either of those girls in probably 10 years…


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