manna from happy valley

This is one of the many reasons why I love my in-laws.

  1. Brooke


    what will you make?

    i’m so happy someone loves food posts as much as i do. although yours are veggies and mine are cookies. hm.

  2. Holly

    well, i considered making your tomato tart reciipe, but a three inch square is worth 2 w.w. points, and i know that i would want to eat more than that!

  3. erin

    Hello to the Lesue’s! You have 2 beautiful girls! I saw the link to your blog on my brother, Matt’s, blog! I’m happy to see that you’re doing well. It’s been a long time! And Holly, good work on all that sewing!
    Erin Gardner Langstraat

  4. Melissa

    I’m jealous right now, there’s nothing like home grown veggies

  5. courtneyb

    first of all, props for still being on w.w. i noticed here and there you talk about points. i’m very impressed!
    and yeah, i’d like to be around for whatever your gonna make with that nummie food!


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