my break-up with summer

I love this time of year—the end of Summer when I’m sick of the heat and longing for those crisp, cool days of Autumn. It’s kind of thrilling to look up on the mountains and notice the leaves changing colors.

Now I realize that this is a silly thing to get excited about, but I also get excited about dishes, holiday decorations and sewing material.

I’m just easy to please I guess. Try. You’ll see I’m right. Here’s my wishlist.

  1. Mom K

    Hi…I don’t know what happened exactly, but I got in and even to the comments…and not on Firefox either. Anyway…I LOVE the way the mountain looks. I will miss the Provo autumn. Love you guys!

  2. Holly

    Mom, I think of you when I look at the colors on the mountains that are changing even more each day! I think my appreciation of autumn comes from you!

  3. Brooke

    i LOVE the new look! i need dave’s help!

    i always get excited about the seasons changing. the long hot summertime has never been my fave. and um, i think i second the entire wish list for myself.

  4. Katrina

    Hey, schnazzy new page! Love it!

  5. Tracy

    LOVE the blog makeover!! Autumn is my favorite time of year – can’t wait!

  6. courtneyb

    I think I am most sad about missing fall than my family!! is that bad? I just love it!!!
    You can stay with us for a month for FREE and then you can check an item off your checklist :)

  7. c jane

    Love the new blog look.

    Love Squaw Peak.

    Love holiday decorations.

  8. David

    Love the new blog. I love summer more. I hate winter. Well, I like it for a day or two when there is a new snow fall on our tree filled streets. Then I hate it. Fall…is great for football and I feel like food tastes better in the fall. (While I’m at it, spring is amazing! Winter is over and summer is on the way!)

  9. the mccoy's

    love the new look. holly, you are beeutiful! love,cori


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