that nez

This morning after just having returned from our morning walk down around the temple, Gwen fell asleep in the stroller and was easily transported to the crib and fell back asleep. Miracle of miracles. It was 10:45 am and the leftover birthday cake was staring me down. Inez had been begging for cake all morning and I caved, but mostly so I could eat some of the frosting. I know what you are thinking and please don’t judge. You will have to just trust me when I say that my Mom makes the best homemade fudgy frosting, otherwise I would not have eaten something of that nature right after working out. I am wiping the saliva off my mouth as I type, which is kind of tricky if you are typing with two hands.

Well, after a few bites of cake, Inez decided that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. She often does this with desserts, which totally baffles me. Anyway, I gave her some of her soymilk to help wash it down and the following conversation occurred:

Inez: Mom, can I have a chocolate straw with my milky?
Me: No, you are had enough sugar from the cake.
I: MOM, you are not doing what Jesus said.
M: Oh really? And what does Jesus say?
I: He says you have to share everything.

At this point of my post, I would include a picture of the cake, but sadly at the time of publication there is no cake left to photograph. My sincerest apologies. Instead here’s what is left.

  1. Beth

    THIS IS SO FUNNY! You had me laughing – you are such a great great writer!! So, let me get this straight, you had chocolate mild and fudgy frosting cake?

  2. Jody

    Beth, don’t you hate when you make a mistake like typing ‘mild’ instead of ‘milk’? Dang it!

    Holly – does she actually eat the straw? We have those straws too but my kids refuse to eat them!

  3. Joe

    Yeah Beth, the “k” isn’t even close to the “d.” What’s up?

  4. Holly

    and she calls herself a “teacher.”

  5. Katrina

    Holly, FYI, I sabotage my “diet” pretty much every day when I get home from the gym. Something about it makes me need chocolate. Or frosting. Or chocolate frosting.

  6. Holly

    Then next time we have cake with this frosting I’m saving you a slice Katrina.

  7. Brooke

    i’m sure hoping that you finished off the cake yourself and didn’t share like “jesus said.” YUM. homemade frosting is the bomb! (are we still saying the bomb? or is it da bomb?)

  8. Beth

    It’s totally DA BOMB! And thanks for your support everyone with my typos. I also quite regularly substitute l’s with s’s and i’s with e’s. You know, the opposite fingers in typing position.

  9. Holly

    Didn’t I have typing with you at Katella H.S.? If that’s the case then your excuse is not acceptable.

  10. Tracy

    actually, if you two had the class together, doesn’t that explain it all?!?


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