the cat’s meow

I have never seen a baby move as fast as Gwen does when she sees our cat. As soon as she spots him, she immediately starts pumping her arms and legs as fast as her little frame can handle without exploding. Her smile will suddenly grow wide as she squeals in delight. All the muscles in her body flex and her little hands ball into fists. She stares at him in awe—like we might gawk at a celebrity.

It is the most entertaining, endearing sight. It’s amazing to watch her pure little human self explode with such powerful emotions.

This is why we have we have kids (and cats) in the first place, right?

  1. kristy wihongi

    it is soooo fun to see little ones and their excitement over animals. it does make it worth any hassle you might have in taking care of the pet, that and when they nuzzle up to you. i love the last picture, just two buddies hangin’ out.

  2. Liz

    That is cute. Glad to see that Finlo is well. I never heard if he had returned after his mysterious disappearance during the reunion.

  3. Joe

    Ffinlo lives!!! I had thought for sure he was gone forever. Maybe he was just doing some soul-searching after the impromptu surgery.

    Isn’t it hilarious how certain things make babies crazy? I especially like Gwen’s look in the last picture–it reminds me of a Dr. Seuss drawing.

  4. Joe

    Also, I am glad to see the chocolate rain is knocked off the top spot. Finally.

  5. Holly

    Yes, Finlo re-appeared after more than a week with his chin shaved and sore healed. I suspect that our neighbor took him to the vet.

    He also just had another surgery done. He is now an “it.”

  6. Mom K

    Yes, Finlo is alive and well after a trip to the vet, he is mite-less, has a rabies shot, and the dreaded-now-maybe-he-will-stay-home procedure.
    Yes, we think some well-meaning neighbor took over and caused him to miss his trip to the vet and then to Carol and Gene’s while we were in China.

  7. Holly

    I guess I will have to drive him to So Cal myself now. Well, we might as well make a vacation of it. Wanna meet at Disneyland Carol? :)

  8. Brooke

    yes, it’s very cute, but i have to disagree– i don’t think it makes the pets worth it at all.

    but, oh yes, i’m really not an animal person. and our cat looks more like a puma than something domesticated.

  9. Jon

    Good ol Finlo. Yep the cat that dad and mom dumped on me before they left to China. He’s become a great friend. I felt so bad for him after his operation especially because he would walk around kind of glaring like in these pictures like he knows we subjected him to that pain. It was cute last sunday how Gwen went crazy when she saw him. Of course he just looks around not really interested or excited. Hey maybe Gwen hid Finlo during his abcess so he wouldn’t go to San Diego?

  10. carol

    Yeah! I’m glad he is doing better. I’m up for a Disneyland trip anytime:) So cute how Gwen loves him. My girls are begging very persistently for a new pet…I guess the fish and tortoise are not doing it for them.

  11. kristy wihongi

    i’ll trade you one tortise for a snake :)

  12. Holly

    You mean you would take the snake? DEAL!! Plus I totally know how to take care of tortoises. Like when they are “fighting” I spank their shell and move the male ( because he’s the easiest to get) across the yard. Worked like a charm.

  13. Holly

    Oh, I just got that you are trading Carol. Bummer. I thought we were going to be able to get rid of the reptile that resides here (I’m trying to be discreet as I am typing this in the same room as Rosie. I don’t want to hurt her snake feelings).


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