unicorn or pegasus?

So Nezzie is always jumping. And she’s constantly changing the animal that she’s pretending to be. But she is LOVING unicorns right now, so I’m 99% positive that she was being “Unicorn” in this picture. We aren’t sure how this unicorn thing started, but as long as it doesn’t continue into her teenage years, we’re okay with it.

And Dave and I can’t stop laughing at her flared nostrils.

  1. Kristen

    She is too cute… flared nostrils and all! I love the unicorn thing. my kids get into weird things too but it never lasts too long, thank goodness! when are we getting together?

  2. kristy wihongi

    wow, great action shot! she looks different somehow, long hair, nice wide nostrils…or i guess i could say maori nostrils. :)

  3. Nat

    So funny! Sammie just saw the pic and said, “Looks like she’s learning to ballet!” I think I need to teach her a little more about ballet. So cute. We miss that girl!

  4. Joe

    flared nostrils = unicorn

    for sure

  5. Brooke

    oh my gosh! LOLOLOL!

    she needs to come and jump on the trampoline!

  6. Jon

    She probably learned the flared nostrils from you when you make that face holl hahaha. Yeah make sure she doesn’t stay into unicorns while she’s a teenager. I remember looking around class and seeing girls with folders by Lisa Jones, Lisa Frank whatever her name with unicorns all over them up until the 10th grade! and thinking hmmm maybe she’s not that cute hahaha.

  7. Holly

    Well Jon, our best example of someone loving unicorns was Natalie’s roommate, before Nat and James were married. I’ll withhold her name, but she was one velvet-wearing, unicorn-loving girl.

    This was in college, I might add.

  8. Tracy

    I’m cracking up that you know who Lisa Frank is, Jon!!! Her stuff drives me up a wall – that was classic!! Nezzie is a beautiful unicorn :)

  9. Nat

    Oh. my gosh, Holly. James and I will forever associate her with unicorns. I’ll never forget the slated animal prints, leggings, and fur. Oh yeah, and who could forget the huge unicorn poster on her bedroom wall. I don’t know what I would have done without James that year! Do you remember how James called her “Man-Voice”?

  10. Jody

    I love the extension from her tips of her fingers all the way through her toes!

  11. Holly

    Natalie, I had totally forgotten that he called her man-voice. Dave and I sure had a good laugh remembering that!


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