a fine whine

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

For the past few eons, lifetimes, decades, years… ok, months, I’ve been logging long days at work. LONG days. As in 9:30p.m. is lunch time and by the way, there’s no time for a lunch break, LONG days. I’m exagerating, but not by much (Holly will back me up on this). Long days make for late nights. So, when I finally get home, and eat dinner and put the girls down (on the rare lucky nights that they’re still awake when I get home), and take a breath… it’s midnight and I’m exhausted (not pioneer exhausted, but spent) and the last thing I want to do is, well, anything.

I’m tired of being a hamster by day and a vegtable by night.

  1. the mccoy's

    just cry. that’s what we do.

  2. Holly

    oh cori, i do.

  3. Joe

    Bummer Dave–I remember those days all too well.

    Just remember that as long as people are paying attention, you’re putting ‘money in the bank’ and that it won’t always be like this.

  4. Holly

    Will it really end, Joe? It seems like it’s not worth it sometimes, especially since we have almost no family time. I’ll have to call you and tell you more…

  5. Brooke

    i find that this type of whine pairs especially well with holly’s chocolate chip cookies.

    and, holly, we need to coordinate. when dave is doing long days and aaron is out of town… well, let’s (and i know i’m always soliciting for guest, but…) let’s have an extended slumber party! (dave can come too, and sleep his 15 minutes.)

  6. Tracy

    Hang in there you two. This too shall pass, and it will make you stronger! (sorry, kinda pulled that out of my rear and sound too much like a mom) But it’s true! In the meantime – really enjoy your Sundays and eat truffles. It helps.

  7. David

    You all are so nice…I was gonna say: Get over it. Ok, I wasn’t really, but since I just did…If it is any consolation, you guys are some of our favoritos!

  8. Holly

    The problem with eating truffles or pairing this whine with cookies is that I gained three lbs. at w.w. last week. THREE POUNDS!!!

    Now I have two reasons to cry.

  9. Holly

    And Tracy, you not only sounded like a mom, but you sounded like my Mom! Which is okay because I’m at the point in my life, like Beth, where I think that sounding like my Mom (or yours for that matter) isn’t a bad thing.


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