happy birthday liz!

Today is Liz’s birthday. In my opinion, she is the best decision that my brother Joe has ever made. Well, that and wearing the skinny blue and pink striped tie for his graduation picture.

Liz, this is one of my favorite pictures of us from when you guys came into town for General Conference.

And this is from the experience that probably bonded us the most: The Deep Sea Fishing Trip from Hell (DSFTFH).

Actually, this picture isn’t from that dreadful trip. It’s a photo of our New Year’s Eve spread, 85% of which consisted of fish dishes.

Let me back up a bit. The place: Bodega Bay, California. The date: December 1999. The situation: after an unsuccesful San Diego fishing excursion over Thanksgiving break, the decision was made to try again over Christmas break after we had returned to NorCal (Jon, that’s for you). And that, my friends, is what led us to the very unfortunate DSFTFH.

On this voyage—that was anything but fantastic—I believe that everyone (Me, Liz, Joe, James, Jon, and Dad) except for the Maori warrior, Vaughn, puked multiple times. But before the puke-fest began, we had a THREE HOUR boat trip out to the fishing spot. Now before anyone can make any Gilligan’s Island jokes here, “three hour” is capitalized because of the fact that we had to ride on this uncomfortable little fishing boat for THREE HOURS. I remember hearing the captain on the loud speaker casually mentioning that it would be three hours until we would reach the fishing spot. Liz and I looked at one another incredulously and one of us said, “he didn’t just say three hours, did he?” We assured each other that we had heard him wrong, but unfortunately for us we had heard him perfectly. After fishing for hours out at sea, we had to come back for another THREE HOURS. It was cold. We were in the middle of the ocean. The swells were large and frequent. We were stuck on this small, uncomfortable fishing vessel.

Now, my pregnancies have been pretty rough. With the first one, I lost 20 pounds because I couldn’t keep anything down. My record was throwing up 11 times in one day. Yet, I have to say that I would prefer being sick with a pregnancy rather than going on this fishing trip again. After this trip, Liz said that is what she thinks hell is like. I did catch a big lingcod, but I have to give partial credit to Joe since he was the one to reel it in due to the fact that I was puking over the side of the boat at the time.

I cannot even convey to anyone just how bad it was. The only good things that came from it were the fish for our New Year’s fry, and the memories that are as painful now as they were then. We laugh about now and give my Dad a hard time for taking us. I will forever be grateful that Liz was on that trip along with me as we sat in the cabin with our heads down on the gross, sticky, uncomfortable tables.

Oh, I forgot to mention that our water heater was in need of repair when we got home, so there were no hot showers available to anyone.

Thank you Liz, for going to hell and back with me.

A favorite memory that both Dave and I have of Liz is from our camping trip to Baja, which sounds a lot more glamorous than it really was. She and Joe brought a sandwich maker that you stick into the fire to make toasted sandwiches. There were a lot of good ones: apple pie filling, peanut butter with banana, nutella and banana, just to name a few. But then Joe made one of nutella and Reeses Pieces and we all immediately started salivating and Liz got a little excited and said, “Oh dude, THAT ONE IS MINE” in a full-on robot voice. She sounded just like Vicki on Small Wonder, but she (Liz) is nowhere near as annoying.

Thank you, Liz, for being such a great sister-in-law! Remember when we used to go shopping every time I would come home over a break at school if you were in California with Joe? Remember how you loved, maybe you still do, Mariah Carey? And remember how I’m your fave?

Hope you had a great birthday!! We love you so much, our baby was born on your birthday!

  1. Jon

    Happy Birthday Liz! Hope you had a good day and that you and Joe have fun in DC. To make that fishing story worse is that on those new sleek fishing boats there’s of course a ton of carbon monoxide pouring into the cabin and boat making you puke even MORE! That was a very memorable trip. Don’t let that deter you from anymore deep sea fishing trips though! Wait too late. Hahaha One of my memories of Liz is her waking me up for early morning seminary. Actually I don’t remember her waking me up at all which shows how deep of a sleeper I am ahhaha. She would only come in because I think I slept through my alarm clock and it would wake up her. Sorry Liz.

  2. Dave

    Happy birthday Liz!

  3. Katrina

    Happy Birthday, Liz. I don’t know you, but I sure did laugh at that puking story. And Small Wonder…can you believe they actually got away with that crap? And that we watched it?

  4. Beth

    Holly, that story was so so funny. I laughed when I heard about Vicky from Small Wonder. That is the first time I have thought about that show in 12 years.

  5. Joe

    Great stories–the fishing trip was from hell, but that is still one of the biggest fish I’ve ever helped catch. And remember, all I was doing was trying to get you unstuck from the bottom–except that we didn’t know that it was actually stuck in the mouth of a gigantic fish.

    Katrina–I completely agree with the shock that I actually watched Small Wonder and liked it. And we so looked forward to watching it on Saturday nights. Wow.

    Remember after the robot voice from Liz I decided it would be a good idea to “clean” off the sandwich maker by leaving it in the campfire, thus rendering all of the food stuck on it to ashes? Then when I pulled it out of the fire an hour later only the handles came out of a melted puddle of metal?

  6. cori

    happy birthday liz!

  7. Holly

    I totally forgot about the sandwich maker melting!

    Another memory from that trip would the dog peeing on the tent in the middle of the night.

  8. Mom K

    Such great memories of our Liz! So fun…we love you!

  9. carol

    Liz, I feel your pain. I of coarse was dragged onto a deep sea fishing boat (maybe Mexico) by Dad without the thought that maybe his daughter who gets car sick and sick on an airplane MIGHT get sick on a small smelly, dirty boat that was rocking like crazy on the ocean. Yes, I spent all my time throwing up and was miserable. That is one time I really remember just wishing I could just die. Happy Birthday and we love you:)


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