happy birthday mallea!

Today is my niece’s birthday. She came to visit my parents this summer and we were lucky enough to be here also. Inez just followed her around everywhere and wanted to do everything that she did. See what I mean?

She got to deliver some cookies with me and we also hiked the Y with Dad & Jon.

We also watched lotsa good girl movies like Meet Me in St. Louis, South Pacific, My Fair Lady, State Fair, and Oklahoma, just to name a few (hey, she’s a Kewish girl so she’s gotta learn these movies inside and out!). We were so glad to be part of her visit!

Mallea, we hope that you had a really great day today. Happy Birthday! We love and miss you!

  1. Tesoro

    Oh Holly! I will have to show this to Mallea when she gets home from choir practice! She will be THRILLED! She had SO much fun with Nezzie in Utah. This has been a very important birthday since her birthday fell on a 14+ stake activity. And what did she ask for her birthday? An Ipod…the video one. At least she didn’t ask for the iphone! LOL

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. Grandma K

    Happy un-birthday (now) to our sweet Mallea. It was SO great to have her with us this summer.

  3. carol

    We love you Mallea! The girls still talk about going to Disneyland with you. We miss you:)


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