happy birthday tasman!

Today is my niece’s 9th birthday. I had the privilege of caring for Tazzie when she was almost two for a few weeks. She has always been such a funny girl, although she’s become a little shy as she gets older and needs some time to warm up to us again before she feels comfortable. I blame her parents for living so far from us, but that’s a topic for another post. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Taz:

A Cherubic Scandinavian babe

Classic Tasman moment, when you just look at her and laugh while shaking your head. From the box on her head to her expression to her belly to the fact that she is drenched to her diaper sagging to her knees…it was never a dull moment.

One of my favorite memories, 4th of July in AZ (not recommended if you can’t take the heat) with the fam. I just love her expression here.


Little hula girl (even though she has Maori blood running through her veins, not Hawaiian)

More recent, and stolen from her Mom’s blog

We hope that you had a great day Taz. Nezzie talks about you all the time and loves it when I tell her that an article of clothing she is wearing used to be yours when you were a little girl. We love and miss you tons and tons!

And yes, our family has a MILLION September birthdays. There are still more to come before the month ends.

  1. Grandma & Grandpa K

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, beautiful Tasman. We miss you and love you tons. Hope you got our two singing messages…sorry we missed you.

  2. Brooke

    happy birthday tazzie! you remind me of nezzie as a baby in that first picture.

    or is it: nezzie reminds me of you? regardless, you both are very cute.

  3. Jon

    Happy Birthday Tasman! You sure are a trooper for putting up with four silly boys for 9 years now! Well, maybe they put up with you your first couple of years :) The picture of you with the plastic box and soaked is one of my favorite pictures too. I also love the current one posted last here. Does anyone else think that Tui’s expression is totally a Kristy expression. I guess he must have learned it from someone right? Classic


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