monday morning movie

  1. Grandma K

    I’m very excited to see these…but for some reason it just keeps saying, “Buffering” and nothing happens…????

  2. Grandma K

    It has “Blogger” on the bottom right corner. That could have something to do with it…since “blog” is filtered here. The one of Gwennie walking doesn’t and it works. ???

  3. Dave

    We were trying out Blogger’s video player, but it doesn’t seem to be working very well. We’ve switched back to our normal flv player, so it should work for you now.

    Sorry about that…

  4. Katrina

    Roberts! Ha ha!

    I love how she says her R’s.

  5. Holly

    I know! I guess I go to Roberts too much. At least she didn’t say Walmart. That would have been so embarrassing.

  6. Julie

    I can’t believe that Gwen is walking! She’s still so tiny. Ashley is almost 5 months and she’s bigger than Gwen! That cracks me up! What cute girls!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brooke

    oh, aren’t you so happy that you don’t have to ask nezzie if she has to go anymore? she just runs there all by herself?

    luke keeps wanting to watch this and says things like, “is that nezzie, my friend?” or “is she wearing a t-shirt?”

  8. Holly

    Brooke- did I tell you that Nezzie says Luke with an ‘L’ instead of “Wuke” now? So, so sad.

  9. Grandma K

    These are great clips. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Brooke

    yes, you did tell me that! and he doesn’t say “mez” anymore. it IS sad.


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