sugar and spice

So she freaks out when there is a measly little fly in the room. But this is okay to hold? I don’t get it.

  1. Tracy

    ew, ew, ew, ew!!!!! Just tell me it’s somebody’s pet and not something you found behind the refridgerator and I’ll be okay…. kinda.

  2. Grandma K

    ahhh…Rosie it is. I know, hair-raising screams at flies and here she is holding and examining Rosie the corn snake.

  3. Joe

    I’m with Inez–flies are WAY grosser than snakes.

    And the only thing grosser than a fly is a fly-swatter. Ew

  4. Holly

    I totally agree that flies are grosser than snakes. But if it’s a fly that is just in the same room vs. holding a snake? I dunno.

    Maybe someone should make disposable fly-swatters. I am 100% with you on the gross factor there.

  5. Mom K

    uh, I think that would be ‘fly swapper’…coined by the Kewish kids.

  6. the mccoy's

    she is bindi! you gotta go get her THAT video. NO MORE BARBIE for her!

  7. Holly

    cori, i love bindi!!

  8. Tracy

    “Fly swapper” is almost better than what Chip called it – “Flice Water” – can’t type that without laughing. Classic.

  9. Mom K

    Tracy, That is REALLY funny. I love it. The weird thing here is that their father and I still say all the crazy things they all said as kids. …like they are real, normal words/expressions.(i.e. mecinin for medicine, etc., etc.–and, of course, we are never quite sure how to spell them.


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