I love my Tivo.

Actually, that’s a lie. Holly and I don’t even have Tivo—we have a DVR from Dish Network, but you can’t start out a blog post saying, “I love my Dish Network DVR.” That’s like saying, “I love my electric pencil sharpener.”

No, I’m going to call it a Tivo and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

So, I love my Tivo and here’s why: It lets me watch the stuff I want to watch when I want to watch it. For those of you out there that already know the joy that is Tivo, I realize that last sentence must sound pretty ridiculous.

You’re saying to yourselves, “Of course they let you watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it. That’s what they do. That’s what they’ve been doing since 1997. What rock have you been under?”

I’ve been under a big, heavy rock called Not Having a Tivo Until a Month Ago. It’s really dark under there.

But, now that we’ve got one and we can watch Catherine Tate, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and Conan whenever we want to, we find ourselves… watching them whenever we want to. This is turning out to be a bad thing.

If the old, boring, endless-channel-surfing, why-is-there-nothing-good-on television experience was a time-waster, then this new, exciting, can’t-wait-to-watch-all-my-favorites-tonight Tivo nirvana is a gluttonous time devourer.

And it’s not like I’ve got spare hours out there that I don’t mind being devoured. I don’t.

I hate my Dish Network DVR.

  1. the mccoy's

    this is so crazy. we are calling dish like tomorrow to add it. there is nothing on ever. and for $5.99 you can’t beat that. we are already gonna do it, and now that i can get catherine tate, and arrested development, makes me so happy. can you be my best friends and tell me what channel they are on. this is the other prob. when i call to add tevo {wink wink} we are adding channels. we don’t even get animal planet. or the hallmark channel. come on!

    holly i love you and thanks for seranading me. i think chicago sang that song. but i’ll take it eitha way.

  2. Holly

    Cori, I thought about that this morning, “maybe that song was Chicago and not Air Supply.” They’re pretty much the same though, right?

    And we have America’s 250 (or something like that). That includes BBC America which has been showing Catherine Tate’s 2007 season every night. But beware, they are not as funny as her older shows. We are a bit disappointed. And BBC America is 135. I can’t remember when Arrested Development is on. Sundays maybe? It’s on the channel G4, 191.

    You’re welcome b.f.

  3. Holly

    Dave, I should warn you. My Mom loves electrical pencil sharpeners. There are two in the office, in case you never noticed. It must be an extension of her love for school supplies.

  4. Joe

    Isn’t it life changing? When we first got our DVR it immediately earned “I will pay any amount of money to always have this in my life” status–just like high-speed internet, a gym membership, and peanut M&M’s.

    DVR gives our whole family quality time in the evenings, while our shows quietly record in the backround to be watched in half the time after the kids go to bed. DVR allows you to better keep the Sabbath by taping whichever football games you are interested during the day while you worship and then blowing through them in 30 minutes each after the sun goes down and the Sabbath officially ends. DVR allows you to do an “instant replay” anytime you want, which is good for football games, but incredible for shows like “The Pickup Artist” (a must see) or “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!” (they must get those people drunk before they tape the show–just like real karaoke).

    By the way, “30 second skip” is not only perfect for skipping commercials, but is also precisely the increment between plays in a football game (as long as the team isn’t in the two-minute drill). I love the “30 second skip.”

    I am convinced that a DVR makes you smarter. First of all, you are putting way more information into your brain at a way faster rate. Second, you are avoiding commericals, which make you a little stupider each time you see one. Of course, I guess it depends on what you are watching.

    Potential problems of introducing DVR into your life are:
    - Thinking you can do an “instant replay” any time in your life. This doesn’t just happen while you’re watching TV in a hotel room or a DVR-less home (or should I say cave?). You will soon find yourself subconsciously pressing an imaginary “10 seconds back” button whenever you see something crazy, whenever someone cuts you off, when your child says something funny or has a particularly good fall, etc. (by the way, someone should invent this).

    - Becoming completely unable to watch anything live ever again. It will drive you crazy. You’ll be watching something somewhere and a commercial will come on and you’ll start pacing around the room saying things like “I don’t have TIME for this” and “how can these people just SIT here?”

    Welcome to the brotherhood–there is no going back.

  5. Holly

    LOL!! Perfect summation Joe! I actually tried skipping back on the radio in my car after we got it.

    Peanut M&M’s though? You don’t have me sold there as I’ve never been a big fan of nuts of any kind (besides cashews within recent years) for pretty much my whole life. Although I am trying to get more nuts into my diet now. So if they happen to be coated in chocolate, maybe they’ll go down a little easier.

  6. Brooke

    i always want to skip back the radio, too.

    and as aaron always says, “tivo made us professional tv-watchers.” sad but true.

    i heart tivo forever and ever.

  7. Jody

    I swear I hear a choir of angels sing “TIIIII-VOOOOOO!” every time I fast forward through commercials.

  8. kristy wihongi

    so with this new understanding of tivo out there…you would think that all that tivo stock we bought years ago would someday, hopefully, somehow go UP in value….ugh! when we got the magical box, we thought, how could ANYONE not love this and the stock skyrocket…..hmmmm…who can ever understand wall street or whatever you’re supposed to understand for correct stockbuying.
    on another but similar note…you guys think you love the world of DVR…oh my gosh…wait until you actually switch over to the REAL TiVo. all i can say is, you all know how tight we are with our money (in a good way, i hope), vaughn finally just went out and bought another tivo machine because the DVR we were renting from comcast SUCKED. we had beautiful, read your mind, easy to navigate TiVo upstairs and evil, take forever to find things, who programmed this thing anyway Comcast DVR downstairs. It was frustrating for Vaughn as he heard those beautiful TiVo chimes and beeps as i sailed through my programs and found new ones that my intuitive TiVo had found and recorded for me, while he pushed a wrong button, going to the end and having to start over. well, enough ranting. yes we are big fans, yes, it probably adds more tv watching, which is not good, but at least you can do it between the hours of 10pm and 4 am like most responsible parents. :)

    okay, so if you love your ‘personal DVR’ no debate necessary here…that’s my opinion and i’m sticking to it, and there is NO way you will ever convince me otherwise :)

    hol, joe’s m&ms are the peanutbutter ones….sooooooo goood…not the peanut ones…yuck.
    joe, i’m with you on the nervous pacing when you are actually trapped watching something live…feels like a time waste. whenever it is time for a show to start and it actually lines up with being able to watch it (1% of the time in life it seems), i always say…’hmmm, what can i do for ten minutes so i am not caught up with the actual show with commercials in it.’
    also, beware of children getting older and requesting things like ‘the suite life of zach and cody’ or ‘kim possible’…and bumping off all your important shows like ‘America’s test kitchen’ and ‘jerry springer’…oh wait did i just type that out loud? i meant all the past general conference report.

  9. Joe

    lol – totally Kris. Whenever I’m “early” to watch something (and by “early” I mean “on time”) I think, “okay, what can I do for the next 15-20 minutes. Usually I’ll blow through a SportsCenter or Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue to delay watching. So funny.

  10. Holly

    Okay, I had to change the clips for Conan & Catherine Tate.

    Besides our lovely Dish Network DVR that we are addicted to (because we aren’t cool enough for Tivo like some people, but hopefully will be one day, just for the cool sounds it makes if not for anything else), I am also addicted to You Tube.


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