a day in our life

Yesterday went down like this:

Woke up feeling rather lazy and lethargic. Talked to Kristy on the phone and made a deal. I had to go workout right then and she would go today(wednesday). I took the girls on a 40 minute walk (the big loop) so I hope you went today Kris! When I got home and put the stroller back in my car, I locked my keys in it as well. Errands were scratched off my list of things to do at that point. I am just so smooth sometimes, it really is quite impressive.

Inez came up to me and said, “Mom look what I’m doing! Do you want to take my picture?” After returning with my camera I had her pose again. I’m not sure why this was supposed to be so impressive and/or picture worthy, but I humor her.

Felt overwhlemed because of this

and this

Trying to get creative for a little craft party that I’m wanting to hold (a.k.a. “stamp camp”, but I really hate that name, it’s so cheesy).

Decorated for Halloween.

“Do you want me in the picture too Mom?” she asked as she got in front of the lens.

Okay Mom K., remember how last year I found the last one of these guys after Halloween at Roberts or some place like that?

Well, I found them again this year at Tai Pan Trading Co. and bought one for you (you’re welcome).

Dave loves this decoration and said to me when we got out our boxes of decorations the other day, “We should get rid of all the decorations that aren’t like this and we should only buy this kind of stuff from now on.” Hmph. How do I interpret that one?

After getting Gwen down for her nap, Inez and I made pumpkin cookies for the second time this week. A bad thing since it was only Tuesday.
And Liz you would LOVE these.

Inez tried on her new skirt.
She decided that she wanted to keep it on all day because it was good for dancing.

Impromptu dance party(USA)

Danced to this song:

After feeling rested, Gwen rejoined us and proceeded to follow Inez around everywhere.

But got hung up on the chair, climbing up and getting down, climbing up and getting down. Again and again and again.

Then she refocused and followed Inez around again, this time under Daddy’s desk to check out the vent where Inez was playing Jingle Bells(don’t ask).

After eating some fresh zucchini from our garden (which Gwen loves but Inez won’t touch with a ten-foot pole)

we got our jim-jams on. Thanks Aunty Kiki for the cool hand-me-down jammies!

The girls went to sleep without a fight (another prayer answered).

Dave went to work tweaking our blog, but should have been working on some freelance. He finally did, for hours.
And I finally got in a groove and kicked out a few cards. This is one of my faves.

We went to bed at 2am.

Today I am EXHAUSTED and it’s time to start all over, again.

  1. Katrina

    I love it.

    I love your card, too. Can I come to your stamp camp? Right after I go to the Dress Barn?

  2. Holly

    Exactly Katrina. Don’t forget to get a perm too.

  3. Brooke

    TWO AM?!?!?!?!?!? oh my gosh you must be exhausted. but very cute post. cute card, cute girls, cute pumpkin (i have it, too!), cute cute post!

  4. cori

    i loved reading about your day. wish i could come to your “stamp camp”. it does sound a little nerdy when you say it that way. but i know you are the coolest chick ever. cute card. and i loved hearing ladies choice…i love linc. and tracy. i think they make a perfect couple. ok. so can i tell you??? i was a little offended. “No matter what you weigh”… and the other line “like my mom on a diet?” i love loved that movie so much but i wish weight wasn’t SUCH an issue. maybe because my husband loves me “No matter what i weigh”, and mackenzie sings….”like my mom on a diet?” and i AM on a diet.. for petes sake. isn’t that so funny, some things i take so personal? hee hee ….

    now, for taipan whatever. i heard that place is really great. what is it exactly? some big junk store, or a craft place?

    and where on earth did you get that awesome witch? so so cool!

  5. Holly

    brooke – i am still tired! but i think it’s because i made the mistake of drinking a dr. pepper yesterday, so this morning i am even more tired than i was after staying up until 2am. it’s 11:45 and i am still in my pjs.

  6. Holly

    cori – i hear you on the weight thing. inez told me that i had a chubby leg, and the worst part was that she was talking about my calf!

    tai pan trading is the best store. it’s wholesale home decor and i think they are supposed to be opening a store in st. george really soon. it’s worth the drive, although i will take no responsiblity if you don’t like it. :) i think their holiday stuff is great, and probably the best time of year to shop there.

    and my witch is one of my favorite decorations. i got her at roberts last year.

  7. Liz

    Your day sounds much more exciting then mine. I want Nezzies new skirt in a big size for me but probably wouldn’t look as cute as her dancing in it.

  8. Melissa

    Love this post, I should try this one. I always wonder what other moms do with their days. Cute card, by the way!

  9. Kelley

    Holly–thanks for saying hi! I think we met at church a few months ago when you were visiting…? Anyway, I enjoy clicking over to your blog–your commentary is always smart and witty and your girls are cute. And you have good taste in friends–that Melissa W. is a keeper.

  10. Holly

    Liz – I would watch you dance. Sorry, that sounds much more creepy than I intended it to be.

    Melissa – I wish you were here for the stamp camp!

    Kelley – I agree, I heart Melissa too. And I think we met too, and your husband taught Elder’s quorum that day. It’s fun to actually meet people that I read about, don’t you think?

  11. Mom K

    I absolutely love this post. I keep looking at it over and over for the pictures. And, I quoted Nezzie again in my lesson this past Sunday to the YSI on the Holy Ghost. She will be well known in Beijing.
    Also, when I enlarge the picture she asked you to take…her face is absolutely beautiful and cute, cute, cute–she has her fingers crossed. ??

  12. Mom K

    Also, yes, I remember the great pumpkin…not the Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown)…and I have to tell you: Tian Yi (local wholesaler by us) has HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS. I am there–cute witches, etc., for as little as 5 yuan. (7.5 equals $1)

  13. Holly

    Mom – You think that Holy Ghost story is good, just wait until I post about her prayer after FHE last night!

    That’s funny that Nezzie’s fingers are crosssed, I hadn’t noticed. And I agree, she is a beauty but she’ll never believe her Mom & Grandma telling her that, right?

    And Halloween decorations in China!? Are they heavy or too bulky? Get a few for me if it’s not a hassle. I’ll bring ‘em back if I come with Kristy.

  14. Mrs. Dub

    cute kids and pumpkin cookies? that’s a halloween combo i can’t resist.


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