a little help from my friends

I am in the market for a good, reliable and affordable heart rate monitor.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips? Any information would be most appreciated.

  1. cori

    what is your email address?

  2. Jon

    I think Dad actually has some…don’t you Dad? Oh wait he never comments on Blogs nevermind. All I know is Ashley and I tried the body fat percentage monitor. I’m a little skeptical. How does that really measure your body fat by holding it out in front of you? Hmmmmm

  3. Holly

    cori – it’s hollylesue@gmail.com

    jon – he does, but i want one that also counts calories burned. and that body fat monitor sounds a little sketchy to me. :)

  4. courtneyb

    I have an acumen which I like. It is a watch, alarm clock, stop watch, heart rate monitor, counts calories burned as long as your in your target zone, and a couple other things.
    I was frustrated at first when i would jog with it because I couldn’t keep my heart rate in the target zone but now that i’m in better shape, I hate working out w/o it. I never realized i wasn’t working hard enough, and I did start to lose weight when I increased the intensity. I reccomend the acumen and it’s a less expensive brand.

  5. Joe

    Polar heart rate monitors have the best reviews and are the most popular with runners/cyclists/etc.

    We just got a pair of RS200’s and we’re excited to use them. They keep track of everything and have the transmitters for the gym equipment, etc.

    We’ll let you know how we like them.

  6. courtneyb

    just a side note about the polars, you cannot change the batteries yourself, you have to send it into polar. My dad has one of their models and when we did the triathlon, he forgot his chest band but still wanted to time himself and the watch wouldn’t do the time w/o the heart rate monitor.
    but yes they have the best reviews.

  7. Holly

    Thanks guys. Any information is very helpful! I’ll look into them some more and let you know what I decide. I’m excited to get one so that I can have more effective workouts!

  8. c jane

    Why don’t you ask Saint Augustina of Our Lady’s Grace that you have portrayed here on this post. Saints have all the answers.


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