carving pumpkins

Well, we didn’t get to carve all of the pumpkins before we crashed. But we did nine out of eleven. Not too bad. We did have Jon & Ashley’s help, and Inez’s “help” too of course.

Before the pumpkin slaughter

Jon is hard at work

Dave’s first

Dave’s second

Jon’s first

Jon’s second


Here’s one of the three that I did. The other two are not really photo worthy because every year I feel this pressure to produce a really good Jack-o-lantern (which is totally self-imposed). I get this way because year after year Dave just sneezes and has the best looking jack-o-lanterns. But me? Well, I fret for a long, long time about what to do. After feeling bad for wasting so much time (because everyone else has already carved at least one pumpkin already) I just start carving without a plan. It gets worse as I just keep carving and cutting and cutting and carving, trying to improve what I’ve already basically destroyed. And the result is horrendous and I end feeling sorry for myself and lack of spontaneous creativity. Oh well. Maybe next year I’ll make a good one.

  1. Joe

    Great pumpkins! Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Jon

    Yeah I’m a witness to your self-imposed pressure. Its true, its just hard competing with a natural artist. Maybe its a Kewish thing because I always feel pressure to do a good one I don’t know why or where it comes from which is why I never let anyone look at it until its done. :) Yours turned out great! Thanks again for supplying the pumpkins.

  3. Katrina

    Holly, I think yours is the best! :-)

  4. Jody

    11 pumpkins! Man, you are so lucky to have so many seeds to eat!! Please tell me you saved the seeds.

  5. Mom

    Wow! No wonder you didn’t get them all carved…they are all masterpieces. They must have taken a long time per pumpkin…except yours Holly (well, maybe on the thinking and fretting time which is exactly how I feel carving pumpkins every year). Maybe it’s partly because of the ceremony we always had in presenting each one.

    These are great pumpkins, and actually yours turned out simple and rather creative and fun.
    (I made a typo: “pumpkings” and then decided maybe that is what we should call the best one each year…if we would dare decide in each other’s presence.) :) So, maybe we should just call all of them that after they are carved instead of J-O-L’s.

    FUN ACTIVITY; sorry we missed it!

  6. Brooke

    i am impressed! you guys are great j-o-l carvers. you will be very shocked and unimpressed to learn that we forgot to carve (we even forgot to BUY) any pumpkins this year!

    what is wrong with me?!

  7. Holly

    Jody – so sorry. I don’t have the patience to go through the gunk and save the little seeds. I think I haven’t eaten punkin seeds for 25 years. If I had some and knew how good they were, maybe I would.

    Mom – “pumpkings,” I love it!

    Brooke – you were on vaca. you are excused, this year. but next year i want some major pumpkin carving going on at your house.

  8. Natalie

    So, I am the biggest loser and haven’t checked anyones blogs forever so as I was scrolling down through all of your most recent posts, Sammie came running over to see the pumpkins and said, “Mom, stop! I wanna see those.” And then she made me stop on yours and said, “That one is so cute. It’s my favorite!” I had to end my non-commenting loser streak and let you know. I really like it too.

    Reading all of your posts and seeing your little beauties makes me just miss you guys so much more. Love you.


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