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Can anyone explain High School Musical to me? The kids today—they eat it up. They love it. I’ve watched 20 minutes of it and I’ll admit that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. By that I mean that during those 20 minutes I didn’t develop an overwhelming desire to end Zac Ephron’s life.

No, it wasn’t bad. Well, it wasn’t terrible. The songs were catchy and the acting was ok. It was just so… earnest. And theatrical.

I’m from the Nirvana generation. When I was a kid, we mocked earnest, theatrical things. We made sarcastic remarks about them. Apparently, today’s kids delight in earnest, theatrical things. Millions of times. And then buy their earnest, theatrical merchandise. What happened?

Kurt Cobain would be so tormented about this.

In case you’re interested, here’s the original song that Nezzie’s singing in the video:

  1. Holly

    Crazy thing is that Inez has never seen HSM all the way through. Ever.

    And I think that Zac Efron is a lot more tolerable than the other kids. But maybe that’s because I love Link Larkin.

  2. carol

    My girls knew that song right away. Of coarse they are diehard High School Musical fans. Now there is High School Musical 2 which I am sure you have heard about. Their fav song from that is Fabulous. I can always get them to clean up the house when I put that on. I know what you mean about the theatrical and earnest, but as a parent I’d rather have them listen to that than Kurt Cobain (do as I say and not as I did:)

  3. Brooke

    holy crap– who is link larkin? it looks just like him. troy that is.

    aaron makes fun of me all the time about it and i’m not nearly as obsessed (or even half-way into it) like a lot of women… i mean kids.

    and you’re so right, dave, what is up? this is just the thing us grungy high-schoolers would’ve hated! and discussed with scorn over mugs of hot chocolate (okay, coffee) in a coffee shop.

  4. Holly

    brooke – link larkin is zac efron’s character from hairspray.

    and are you referring to the CRC of morgan hill? wait, now i’m doubting my reference. was it coffee roasting club, or something else?

  5. kristy wihongi

    yeah, you think it’s bad having nezzie sing the songs…try that times 5. especially a 9 year old girl in the mix…who can actually get all her brothers going about it and dare i say, singing and dancing. yes, as weird as it feels, we have had many a talk about, being yourself (a la ’stick to the status quo’) among other ‘lessons’ taught in these movies. and yes, i guess i would rather have them liking this kind of stuff–although it seems like quite an extreme–than the other end of the spectrum.

  6. Katrina

    I’ve never seen HSM, or heard any of the songs. How long do you think that can last? Do you think it’s my responsibility as a human being to watch it? If so, I will. If not…well, I don’t know how much longer I can avoid it.

  7. Liz

    Cute new festive look to your blog. I love the pics at the top.

  8. Holly

    Katrina – it’s too late for you because if you haven’t seen it by now you will be shunned by society. But I think you have about 5 years until Addie gets into it, I think it will be around for a long time.
    I honestly don’t know how Nezzie found out about it, I think it was discovered at a play date at a friend’s house. Then I recorded it and had it on our DVR for about a month thinking that I’d watch it, but after that long I finally deleted it. Plus it seems like it’s on the Disney Channel every time I turn around. The songs really are catchy though and I have to agree with my sisters that I’d rather my kids be into this than something else.

    Liz – glad you like the new look! Dave did an amazing job if i do say so myself. I have some more old pictures to add to the homepage too, aren’t they great?

  9. Brooke

    my good gracious heavens to betsey! cutest header graphics ever! EVER!

  10. Mom K

    Yes…H.S. Musical…both are available here…OF COURSE!
    Love the kit-kat!


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