our lil’ punkin patch

So I’m just going to claim it as ours even though it belongs to Harward Farms. This is the second year we have gone to this little roadside stand down in Springville. We love that they let you go out into the field and pick your own pumpkins. I especially love it because then I can make sure that our pumpkins have really good stems. I am very particular when it comes to the stems on my pumpkins. Dave would probably describe my affininty for a good pumpkin stem differently. I say, to each their own.

Anyway, enough about the fact that the stem can make or break a great pumpkin. We really enjoyed our time at our little patch.

Inez was so sad/overly dramatic that we had to leave because she wanted to play “Ghosts in the Graveyard” in the kiddie maze with some other kids that were there.

But then she got happy when she discovered that she could be the queen of the haybale mountain

Trying to balance and not topple over, pumpkins and all.

We have ten pumpkins. But don’t tell Dave because he’ll be muttering non-obscene obscenities about me under his breath while we are carving them all.
(But just look at those great stems!)

  1. Mom/Grandma K

    Oh, my goodness…look at Gwenie just standing up and walking along like it’s no feat at all.
    We LOVED this post even though it made us very homesick!
    Nezzie looks more and more like Dad’s mom (her great grandmother–same one her Mommy and Auntie Carol look a lot like). Very, very pretty!

  2. -Sydney-

    Hi Holly, I sneak over here from Courtney’s blog sometimes because your posts are so cute and funny.

    I actually know you guys. I lived in Courtside apartments for several years, so I was in the same ward with Dave for a long time. I think your apartment complex was added to our ward one summer (or something like that). Anyway, small world, we live in the Middle East and Rich Bangerter and his family were in our ward last year. No matter where you live, you’ll meet someone that has a connection to the BYU days.

    Anyway, Happy Halloween! Your family is so beautiful. I have two boys about the same ages as your girls and it’s funny to read the things they do that are either very similar (because of their ages) or very different (because of their gender).

  3. Jenny

    I did notice your stems the other day – NICE!

  4. courtneyb

    nice stems! you can NEVER have too many pumpkins! and I am so glad they opened that pumpkin patch.

  5. Tesoro

    How CUTE!

    I love them! The stems are very nice.

  6. Jon

    Um yes you can have too many pumpkins when you have to climb over I think it was 12 the other day when I counted to come in the front door! Jk By the way do you know who the culprit is for breaking one of your great stems? I swear it wasn’t me! Don’t worry Dave, we’ll help you carve the plethora of pumkins Holly has acquired

  7. David

    I can relate to a good stem lover–especially when carving them and lifting the top on and off for lighting purposes–now you probably love the stems for their asthetic value, and although my love stems (ha) from a more practical approach we are both stem lovers all the same…

  8. cori

    nice stems! your porch is so fun. i love your yellow house.

  9. Brooke

    i can’t believe you’re going to carve all of them!

    but great pictures, by the way.

  10. Tracy

    Love the porch – that is one I would stop the car for – it looks fantastic! Pumpkins are awesome! (especially with perfect stems) :)


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