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Someone has a bad case of the mondays.  

Can you guess which one?

  1. D

    Actually I can’t guess which one…they look equally mellow to me, but then I HAVE been away for a time, so maybe I can no longer read them…at least not as good as their Mom can. Skeleton girl may be the one, but I am not sure.



  2. Liz

    Hmmm, I’d say Inez. Is that a new shiner on Gwens face or just the old one still healing.

  3. cori

    inez is my guess. her eyes look a little watery. but i can’t stand how cute they are. i love the jammies.

  4. cori

    holly. i love your ramblings. i accidently clicked it. i will be checking that blog too. so cute.

  5. Mom/Grandma K

    Well, in enlarging the pic, maybe it is Nezzie because of her eyes and duller-than-normal expression. But then again, little one has an empty bottle and is a bit somber as well. Okay, spill…who was the #1 pill on Monday? Oh, wait! Maybe it was the MOMMY? heh heh

  6. Brooke

    is it holly???

  7. Holly

    Oh, nice! I didn’t think that it could have been me! But alas, it was Inez. Gwen was just as chipper as could be. Nezzie actually wasn’t that bad, just pretty groggy.

  8. Brooke

    lol! my picture didn’t load on this end.

    maybe it was a trick question– you never know!


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