happy birthday jon!

So yesterday was Jonny’s 25th birthday and I had a bunch of great photos that I was going to scan for this post, but haven’t quite found the time yet. I have a feeling that Jon will be okay with that.

Well, I remember when my Mom was pregnant with her seventh child (Jon) and she and my Dad decided that if they had a girl then my sister Heather and I would get a bunk bed, but if they had a boy then Joe & James would get the bunk bed. I was six and therefore sad when Joe & James got the bunk bed (especially because Heather always tried to push me into the crack between the bed and the wall to scare me, but that’s a different story).

Fortunately, Jon has filled the bunk bed void with a lot of fun and great memories. A few classics spring to mind. For example there was the time that he tried to bleach his own hair, but having naturally black hair it turned a nice shade of orange. He wore a hat to school the next day, but that night he had a volleyball game where he wouldn’t be allowed to cover his orange head. He quickly scrambled and found a box of black hair dye. Well, he fixed his hair, but he also dyed his head black. I can see those gymnasium lights reflecting off of his scalp as if it were yesterday.

Probably one of my favorite memories of Jon was when we went to Arizona with the Wihongis and Joe & Liz. We were there for a few different events, like nearly going deaf from a Blue Angel that buzzed about 20 feet over us, the Aloha festival and scorp hunting to name a few. We also went to a little open house of sorts at our brother-in-law’s parent’s house where someone had made a delicious fruit dip. Joe, Liz, Jon & I were standing around the food and chatting and as I reached for the last piece of fruit to dip in the yummy dip Jon went to intercept the apple slice from my hand and in the process he got overly excited and some saliva fell from his mouth directly into the fruit dip. Well, we all nearly wet ourselves but no one thought to do anything about the dip, until later when we saw someone else eating some.

Jon is such a fun guy to have around. He’s always waiting in the shadows to jump out and scare you or try and start a snowball fight—just ask Ashley! He’s a great uncle and the girls love it when he’s around, which is more often now since he and Ashley are living downstairs from us! We’re so glad that he married Ashley and that she is part of our family.

We love you “Jo nathan” and hope that you had a great birthday! And for the record, I am glad that Heather and I didn’t get the bunk bed after all.

Oh, and here is one picture that I did manage to scan.

get your cat in the game

Can anyone explain High School Musical to me? The kids today—they eat it up. They love it. I’ve watched 20 minutes of it and I’ll admit that it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. By that I mean that during those 20 minutes I didn’t develop an overwhelming desire to end Zac Ephron’s life.

No, it wasn’t bad. Well, it wasn’t terrible. The songs were catchy and the acting was ok. It was just so… earnest. And theatrical.

I’m from the Nirvana generation. When I was a kid, we mocked earnest, theatrical things. We made sarcastic remarks about them. Apparently, today’s kids delight in earnest, theatrical things. Millions of times. And then buy their earnest, theatrical merchandise. What happened?

Kurt Cobain would be so tormented about this.

In case you’re interested, here’s the original song that Nezzie’s singing in the video:

happy birthday gene!

So when my oldest sister, Carol, had her first date with Gene I remember sitting on the couch in our living room in Anaheim watching the whole scene. He came in and met everyone that was there and I have this vivid memory where he was wearing a flannel shirt. I know that doesn’t sound right for a punk rocker, or “the blonde kid” as he was referred to by my Dad, but that is what was burned into my mind. Kristy (sister #2) asked me what I thought—which seems silly now because at the time I was maybe nine years old—and I said that he looked like a lumberjack (yet another piece to my memory puzzle to back up my flannel shirt rememberance). I didn’t disapprove, but I wasn’t sold right away either.

Well, it didn’t take Gene very long to take a hold of our hearts (except maybe for Dad, but that may be somewhat understandable considering the lame guys that Carol had dated previously—sorry Carol, although I’m sure you’d agree—and she was also his first daughter to date and get married). We’re so glad that he married into our crazy family because now he’s stuck.
But seriously, we love Gene. He is such an amazing person, father, husband, doctor, surfer, and “kid” to have around. We always feel welcomed, loved, uplifted and enlightened when we are around him. He is seriously a kid at heart and is always up for any adventure.

I even remember being at their house in San Diego and Carol had to tell Gene to come in from skateboarding so that he wouldn’t disturb the neighbors late at night. That was probably three or four years ago. Gene will be the 80 year old surfer.

We know that you’ll never live too far from the ocean or your year-round perfect weather, but please come visit more often! We do have good snowboarding here and I’m sure that Carol could turn that into some sort of field trip for the girls. You’re always invited.

We love you Gene and hope you had a great birthday!