rumbly feet and black eyes

So today Inez and I snuggled under the covers in my bed and we read through The Friend magazine (I always feel like I’m being a really good mom when we read from it). We started talking about the Holy Ghost when she suddenly remembered to tell me, “Earlier when I was watching tv, there was a rumbling in my feet and it was the Holy Ghost.” She was SO excited.

Then later she was “playing” the piano and from upstairs I heard her call me twice. She didn’t hear me yell back that I’d be right there because then I heard her call out, “Heavenly Father!” After another pause she yelled, “God!” When I came back downstairs she said, “I’m waiting for Heavenly Father” as she held a few heavy piano books in place so that they wouldn’t fall. We had a discussion earlier about saying Heavenly Father instead of God because it is more reverent. In her moment of need, she decided to go against what she had just been taught. But it was funny.

Later I found her looking at an old Halloween issue of a Martha Stewart Kids magazine.

She pulled this little subscription card out and excitedly yelled, “Mom! I found an email for you!”

Probably one of the funniest things that she does right now is that upon entering whatever room I’m in she proudly announces, “Mom, I didn’t hide anything,” or “I didn’t squish Gwen” or “I didn’t (fill in the blank with whatever she did do)”. I’m glad I can have a sense of humor about some of the stuff that she does or she might end up with a black eye (okay, not really but I need a segue here).

Speaking of black eyes…

This little girl (who also enjoys w.w. smoothies) fell last week when I wasn’t looking.

I think she fell from her favorite little chair onto a toy to get this shiner. It swelled and bruised immediately. Let me just say that it is not easy to hold an ice pack on a toddler’s face. Even if it’s a kitty cat ice pack.

(Here’s a little snot for good measure)
I’m not surprised that she fell because I am constantly catching her pulling stunts like this.

In fact the very next day after getting her black eye, she fell again and slightly bruised her other eye and the top of her nose.

I’m sure the neighbors can hear her when she goes from zero to red-in-the-face in one second, throws her head back and wails.

But don’t worry about me. If someone calls child services for the crying and black eyes, they’ll only find us snuggled up, reading The Friend.

  1. Brooke

    so cute!

    my nezzie moment when i walked into the room and she was laying on the floor glassy eyed: “i’m not tired or sleepy.”


  2. Anonymous

    I’m calling child services!

    Just kidding. Great post. :-)

  3. Katrina

    My kids always look beaten. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

    Thanks for the Friend reminder. We don’t get it yet, but I know Anders will love it now so I’m signing up!

  4. cori

    love the moments you have with the friend. it really is something we look forward to each month. you should have nezzie send in her story, or a picture. ps. thank you for the link to me. i will tell you when i go to taipan.

  5. carol

    I love that Nezzie tells you exactly what she did-no more guess work like when you enter a room and it suddenly goes quiet. I guess that is the stage my girls are in, Nezzie hasn’t learned the value of silence yet:)

  6. Kristen

    That darling Nezzi! She is always saying the cutest things. I love her passion for life… and at such a young age. She’s amazing. And Gwen, she still looks like a supermodel even with a black eye… not fair. We just suscribed to the friend a couple of months ago and I feel the same way when we read it. We ARE just he best moms, aren’t we!

  7. Kristen

    I forgot to tell you how cute your halloween blog looks! You’ll have to tell me how you did it!

  8. Beth

    Holly! I can’t read it and I want to! Mine shows dark gray font on black background. Is it supposed to be like that? And if so, how is everyone else seeing it? I wanna read!!

  9. Beth

    Oh I get it. Highlight it.

  10. Holly

    Kristen – I can’t take credit for the redesign. It was all Dave’s doing. Being married to a graphic designer has its perks!

    Beth – I am so sad that you have to highlight the text to read it. I’ll ask Dave what he thinks it could be. Sad.

  11. DadK

    So this blog comment, a rare action on my part (I don’t want to spoil the ‘girl talk’ nature of things), actually covers several past postings; 1) Please don’t refer to my granddaughter as an ‘oily octopus’ in the future, no matter how accurate that description might be, 2) I guess Stella Beth is not so technically savvy? 3) When the brats start wailing loud enough to disturb the neighbors, just turn on the stereo real loud and they will just think it is another raucous party like when Jon and Jimmy were living there, 4)Is that actually my living room, barely visible underneath all the kidstuff? 5)You must have figured out that Dave was totally tongue-in-cheek with his comments on halloween decorations (wasn’t he?), 6)How about a hockey goalie’s mask to protect Gwen from her self-destructive tendencies?,7)Nezz needs to find better reading material than Martha; maybe Jon could loan her some surfing magazines. Great photos and words, much-needed by those 7000 miles away!


    P. S. The pinch and punch DOES TOO count! Which means that I will get you every month; hah!

  12. Holly

    Dad – I had to pick myself up off the floor after seeing a comment from you! An extremely pleasant surprise, you can spoil the girl talk anytime!

    Here’s my response to your responses:
    1. The “Oily octupus” is unfortunately extrememly accurate.
    2. I’m giving Beth more credit and am ready to blame the problem on her monitor (Dave’s theory).
    3. What if we are having raucous parties?
    4. You should see the rest of the house on a bad day.
    5. I’m 99% positive that Dave was 99% serious. I don’t know how that averages out, but I’m 99% sure that it’s not in my favor.
    6. Maybe the little football helmet we had on the BYU guy out front would fit her little beat-up noggin.
    7. Martha Stewart has really creative people that work for her. So her magazine are great. Sorry, gotta stand my ground on that one.

    P.S. I guess I’ll humor you with the pinch ‘n’ punch while you are in China.


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