"the cool park"

We had a good day last week. I had to run about a million errands on Friday and as we were driving with our windows down and sunroof open (because I prefer natural air to the air conditioner, unless it’s not nice weather of course) I realized how beautiful and warm the day was and that it won’t be that way for much longer. So I decided to take a break from dragging the girls around from store to store and make a stop at the park.

Nezzie calls this park “the cool park” and I’m guessing that it’s because of the swings. They are pretty cool.

I was so glad that I stopped and gave the girls a break from sitting in the cart or having to stay right by me in the stores. It made running the rest of the errands much more pleasant. Plus I felt like such a good mom, for the moment.

  1. kellymccaleb

    that is cool, where is it?

  2. Holly

    It’s back behind Walmart in Orem. It’s a really cool, big and clean park.

  3. Melissa

    You are a good mom, wait to live in the moment!

  4. Katrina

    we love that park!

  5. Holly

    katrina, we’ll meet you there for a play date before the snow comes!


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