remember halloween?

Okay Mom, here you are. Only three weeks after Halloween, I’m finally posting the pictures of the girls in their costumes. I thought I should post about it before Thanksgiving comes and goes.

So Inez was a witch. A nice witch though and she was always careful that everyone knew that. I mean, it was pink and black. How could a mean witch wear pink?

Inez tried her best to keep Gwen on the step so that I could get a picture of the two of them.

She is going, going…

gone. No one can hold back our little punkin. Or put our baby in a corner.

Here’s our walk with eleven jack-o-lanterns (I carved the last two that afternoon). This is what it looked like through a mask or if you were running up to the door.

Inez with her loot.

Beyond excitement over a hard strawberry candy with some sort of juicy filling. I don’t get it.

Our evening consisted of attending our ward’s trunk-or-treat, and then driving down for a quick visit with the in-laws. On our way home we decided to hit a row of houses because I wanted her to experience going door to door (very different than going trunk to trunk). It was fun, but cold. At one house she was upset when she came back to me at the end of the driveway because some man said she was going to “freeze to death” and she didn’t want to die. If you know our girl, you know that she is very dramatic and takes things literally. The other day when it was taking her FOR.EVER. to form a sentence I told her to just “spit it out.” Disaster. Any progress in our conversation became completely unraveled.

Back to Halloween. She was so upset at the thought of death from freezing, that I went back to the door and let that old man have a piece of my mind. It went something kind of like this:

Me: Hey old man! Why don’t you just hand the candy out to the kids and hold back on your suttle criticism about my parenting!? So what if my child is without a jacket on Halloween? What’s the point of wearing a jacket if it just covers up your costume?

OldMan: Um, did you grow up in a warm climate?

Me: Yes, California.

OldMan: Well why don’t you just go back! We don’t need you snotty Californians here clogging up our highways and driving the housing prices up! In fact, why don’t you just go trick-or-treating back in California? Leave your jackets here in Utah and don’t let the state line hit you on your way out!

Me: Oooooh!!!! Reeses peanut butter cups! Can I have one?

And scene.

Okay, so maybe some of that didn’t happen. But I think I should be a writer for a soap opera, don’t you? Maybe I can even get a job since the writers are on strike. That is still happening, right? Please end soon, for our sakes, because 30 Rock must go on.

I guess in the meantime I won’t quit my day job which consists of bundling up my children in the 30 degree weather (to avoid more loaded remarks made by the elderly) and making Christmas skirts for them (my children, not the elderly).

It doesn’t pay great (my day job or the elderly I suspect). Well it doesn’t pay at all, but there are always perks like eating Reeses peanut butter cups from their Halloween stash (my children, not the elderly).

  1. Brooke

    if my kids wear jackets trick-or-treating, they come home sweaty.

    i think you are right. so much for the elderly.

  2. Katrina

    You funny, Holly. And I, for one, don’t want you to go back to California, even if you imagined that old man said you should.

  3. Mom

    Wow! What a cute post. But, boy, am I glad to know that conversation only went on in your head. I love the photos…what a darling witch and pumpkin. And, with Gwenie, you just can’t hold a ‘good woman-to-be down.’

  4. Tracy

    You should have seen how high my eyebrows went up and how far down my jaw dropped when like a dummy, I fell for your conversation with the old man!! Now, I am just laughing. I love you Holly!

  5. Jon

    Yes very cute trick or treaters. Man that seems so long ago. Maybe because it was a long time ago. And you’re slackin with your blog. Its alright though because since I live below you I hear how busy you are with the girls. Dave on the other hand has no excuse. Just Kidding. It was fun borrowing from Nezzies stash as well. Thanks Nezzie!

  6. cori

    holly. i laugh and laugh with you… can you write more? like next time, maybe you could take his cane and crack it over your knee, and throw it out on his lawn?

    little inez. freeze to death. that is so sweet, and just so cute. like she really thought. i love the things your kids say. so so fun.

  7. John Holly Levi & Faith

    Holly, I somehow lost track of you, but I’m adding you to my reader so it won’t happen again. I lov your writing and the Halloween story!!! Too funny!!!

  8. Kelley

    Holly–loved the subtle Dirty Dancing reference. That scene is so cheesy, but ah, so poignant.

  9. carol

    Cute costumes and adorable girls:) Don’t worry Holly, I am more behind on my blog than you are. I don’t know if that makes either one of us feel better but there it is…


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