the corn maze

Dave and I took the girls to the corn maze at Thanksgiving Point on Tuesday. It was a fun family day. The freezing cold wind tearing through our bodies didn’t stop us from having fun. It just stopped us from feeling our ears.

This is a picture of Nezzie wandering in the corn maze—or, as their clever marketing people call it, The Maize.

One of the many draws of the corn maze is their giant, terrifying, alien balloon creature that their clever marketing people call The Creature. Dave took Inez through it despite her loud, kicky protests. I think he thinks that terror builds character. And that being a character architect is one of the perks of dadhood. I’m not sure why Inez didn’t want to experience The Creature. It’s basically a pitch black, deafening, inflatable haunted house whose entrance is a giant fanged mouth and whose exit is… a long way from the mouth. The silly girl doesn’t know fun when she sees it. Or when she passes through its large intestine.

The cow-shaped barrel train was another corn maze draw.

As were the spring-mounted cartoon donkeys.

Not to mention the spring-mounted cartoon hippos (camels?) (aardvarks?).

The look on my face? “I can’t feel my ears.”

We ran into an cute amish midget couple on our way out. Who knew that homemade clothes could look so airbrushed?

We brought our double jogging stroller so that our pumpkins could sit back and enjoy the bone-chilling gales.

Dave took the girls down a slide in an effort to build more character, but both Inez and Gwen seemed to enjoy it, so he stopped.

…and headed over to the Jumping Pillow instead.

All sarcasm aside, it was a great day and we had a lot of fun.

Our ears, however, did not.

  1. Joe

    What a fun looking Creature! How could any kid resist walking through that thing?

    And you know I would have forced both boys through it too. Joey would probably skip happily through it while Charles would scream, kick, and crawl his way up to my shoulders before we would even get inside.

  2. cori

    that looks like so much fun! i really want to move there.

    and i don’t know if you know this or not, but you are so stinking beautiful!!! seriously. what a babe! and yes. your family is cute too!

  3. John Holly Levi & Faith

    Holly, you are a doll. Especially because you gave me a birthday comment. Now you can be my best friend forever. I love the alien creature. Wish I lived there. It sounds a lot cooler than Utah. Or, are you in Utah? If so, you’ll have to tell me where that thing is!

  4. Holly

    Joe, I’m sure your boys has lots of “character.”

    Cori, thanks. But it’s because I choose the good pictures to post on the blog, you know for posterity.

    Holly, it is in Utah at Thanksgiving Point!

  5. Jon

    That looks pretty fun. That blown up alien is crazy. I never saw it and when you were explaining it to me I imagined one of those tiny stick figures that most car dealerships have you know? That’s way better ahhahaha. Inez’s face on the mysterious bouncing things is CL-Assic!

    Poor poor ears.

  6. Mom

    Amazing post…heh heh…sorry for the pun. What a fun time and yes, Holly, I was thinking the same thing: how pretty you look. But, one never believes it when a parent tells them, I suppose. Your hair has really grown; I like it! …can’ get enough of those kids!

  7. Brooke

    i love your reddish hair! beautiful!

  8. Matthew Gardner

    Dave…you should hold pitch forks more often. yard work = $10/hr steep? maybe. what time is dinner?

  9. Kelley

    Utah really does know how to do Halloween! Too bad it was so cold…you know it was, like, 80 degrees in So. Cal. on the 31st, right? :)

  10. Beth

    Hi you! It is so good to get caught up on your cute little family! I am loving the Fall in Boise! Those pictures look similar to here. What a huge difference! I even love wearing a jacket and gloves when going outside. Come visit soon!!!

  11. Julie

    I really like the Amish Midget picture!(Very PC)Love your blog!!!

  12. David

    Holly and Dave…I can’t handle the corn maze anymore…It has been a good 11 days since its debut…time to move on.

  13. Holly

    I completely agree with you David. We are just not finding the time to blog these days. I’ll try and get something up very soon and hopefully it will live up to your expectations!

  14. Ashley

    Holly and Gwen, you have been tagged. Check out our blog for the details.

  15. cori

    hi holly. love you. clicked on you.


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