Can you tell that we have been less than enthused about blogging lately? Our last post was actually done by Dave even though he made it look like it was from me. I think that one (meaning you, dear reader) can tell that our writing skillz are pretty different (really good vs. not so great). Plus we are still living in October here on our blog. Happy Halloween on November 13th. Actually, Dave has been pretty busy as of late including working until 10pm last night (don’t get me started). So it will be Halloween a little bit longer. Please bear with us.

Sorry. That’s all I have to offer right now because I am tired, I have a headache (which is going on day two) and I have eaten twenty-seven too many chocolate covered cinnamon bears that I purchased tonight at the BYU Bookstore Christmas preview sale (a.k.a. crazy holiday shopping preview).

It was worth fighting the crowds though. I got a few good gifts for Dave (now safely hidden away, so don’t even try to look babe) and chocolate covered cinnamon bears (did I already mention those?) and a dark chocolate orange. Actually, two of those. The delicious dark chocolate oranges may or may not be sent in a Christmas package to my Dad who is in China. You see, I am not to be trusted when it comes to dark chocolate because I may or may not have taken a Dove dark chocolate bar out of the package that is waiting to be sent to him. Actually, two of those. I have good intentions, but you know what they say about intentions. They make an ‘in’ out of ‘tent’ and ‘ions.’

Sorry Dad.

And thanks to Brooke for a fun night shopping and Cafe Rio. At least we laughed if no one else did. Those cashiers are a tough crowd.

  1. Katrina

    Holly, Holly, Holly. I purchased chocolate covered cinnamon bears on Saturday- a pound of them, of which I’ve eaten all but 3. You know what you need, my friend? A trashy novel.
    Pick up that Danielle Steel!

  2. Jody

    I am crakin’ up ovah heeah! You don’t give yourself enough credit.

    And last month, I ate the chocolates intended for one of the ladies I visit teach. She just got a nice note instead.

    I’m a total ions (or would that make me a tent?).

  3. Holly

    katrina – chocolate covered cinnamon bears are a serious weakness of mine. glad to know i could devour a bag with you in one sitting. let’s do that soon.

    jody – i think you would be the “tent.” and i’m glad that someone got that.

  4. Brooke

    you know what else they say about good intentions? that the road to hell is paved with them.

    (i got that from a high school english teacher. who may or may not have been irish.)

    and your jokes were bombing left and right. it was great.

    seriously can’t wait till next year!!!


  5. cori

    you are so funny holly. i loved reading this. and don’t even worry about the halloween blog. i don’t mind at all.

  6. Jiles Pfamily

    yum. i am going to go and buy some chocolate covered cinnamon bears right now. how was ww. i missed seeing you yesterday. we need to hang out.

  7. Holly

    Erin – don’t go buy them! They are one point each! We need to hike the y before the weather won’t let us!

  8. courtneyb

    well I’m glad it’s just laziness. i was getting a little worried that something may have happened that was more important than blogging.

  9. Dad

    So, I guess I am supposed to just sit here, 2000 miles east of nearest decent chocolate (Switzerland)and say, “oh, that’s OK, sweetie, you just go ahead and eat ALL the chocolate, you deserve it much more than I do”…? Ahhh, no. You eats the chocolate, you pays – sooner or later. Just fair, that’s all. So maybe the next time you want to brag about taking candy from the poor old dadster who is so far away that it won’t matter, maybe you should do it in a ‘girlz’ group email that excludes me. I would say that I’m so depressed over the whole thing that I am going out and eat some worms, but here in Beijing that is fairly common!! Fun post,though, other than the dark chocolate-eating confession/brag…




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