turning four

Our little girl turned four years old and Dave and I can hardly believe it. She had a pink party with a few friends.

Making a wish, which she does in a whisper into her hands

The four-year-old attitude

Gwen just observed the whole event

(thanks for taking pictures Brooke!)

buns of steel

This has been my favorite movie/dvd/show this Christmas season. I prefer Baryshnikov. I know he’s not British but he is easy on the eyes and well, did you notice the title of this post?

Inez loves to watch The Nutcracker too and I feel like she is getting a little bit of culture without the price tag of going to the ballet. Plus she is too young to actually go to the ballet anyway, which I hope to make a tradition when she gets old enough (Jenny & Julie that’s for you). It’s also a nice to hear classical music instead of some annoying kids show. I just checked it out from the library for the second time this month and it is well worth the dollar that we paid for a one week rental.

I have to admit though, this movie comes in at a close second. I have it on our DVR (which is pretty embarrassing to admit) but I couldn’t get past the first three mintues. Interestingly though, I didn’t erase it. Could it be because Mario Lopez’s character is named David Martin, the same first and second names of my own husband? Well, I’ll just let you draw your own conclusion.

the traveler IQ challenge

This is a lot of fun: The Traveler IQ Challenge.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I scored 162,749 with a Traveler IQ of 91. Yikes.

I will now prepare myself to be throughly schooled by Dad Kewish, Joe, and well, everyone else.

Our daughter, the holy roller

Inez: Mom, do you know what the holy spirit is?

Holly: No—what is it, honey?

Inez: It’s the God of Christ.


london calling

I’ve given this post a misleading title. And photo. This post has nothing to do with London.

Get ready for an explanatory run-on sentence. Deep breath. I just discovered Jurek Nems’ beautiful photography site in which he has a bunch of London photos which reminded me of Holly’s love for London which reminded me of Holly’s most recent post which reminded me that she tagged me in that post which reminded me that I needed to write my tagged post which reminded me that I needed to come up with a better title than Tagged 2 which lead me to call this post London Calling and to stick a Jurek Nems photo in here. Exhale.

So, having very unnecessarily explained all of that, I give you six interesting facts about David Lesue:

Fact! David Lesue’s small intestine is made entirely of gray felt and braided leather.

Fact! David Lesue once killed a local hobo just to watch him die. David then brought the drifter back to life (through a combination of CPR and licorice salves) only to kill him again. Instantly. With his eyes.

Fact! David Lesue only eats beef jerky and Score candy bars—but only after they’ve been soaked in a low fat yogurt brine.

Fact! David Lesue’s car has never been washed by the hand of man.

Fact! David Lesue’s hearing is so finely-tuned that he can hear you getting bored with this post right now.

Fact! David Lesue graduated from the University of Lemon Pudding with a degree in Deliciousness.

As you have now realized, these facts are not factual in any way, were heavily influenced by Chuck Norris Facts, and are not nearly as funny as their author thinks they are.

Now, because I know that Holly will not be satisfied with such obviously false—though interesting—facts, I give you six actual facts that are much less interesting:

Fact! David Lesue loves popcorn. He especially loves kettle corn.

Fact! David Lesue doesn’t read as much as he used to. He tells himself that this is because he doesn’t have as much free time as he once had, but he suspects that this is an excuse invented by a lazy mind that has grown fat on sitcoms and reality television.

Fact! David Lesue hasn’t realized how close Christmas is. Those he will be giving gifts to will pay the price for this in the form of hastily purchased knickknacks and trinkets.

Fact! David Lesue wears the same pair of jeans almost every day.

Fact! David Lesue is terrified by the rate at which his girls are growing up. He dreads far-off milestones like their baptisms, missions, and marriages that he knows will feel—at least partly—like syllables in a drawn-out goodbye.

Fact! David Lesue is tired, craving a bag of kettle corn, and—like you—relieved to have reached the end of this post.


So I was tagged by my SIL Ashley (who just, as in hours ago, met Harry Connick Jr. in a hotel elevator) awhile ago on her blog and it has taken me awhile to play along. November was not a good blogging month for us. I think we posted um, twice. And when I say “we” I am referring to me as Dave is Mr. uber anti-blog guy lately. Except he did redesign our blog so I guess I should give him credit for that. Another reason why we haven’t been blogging lately is that I broke our camera. I dropped it. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Who wants a camera around during the Christmas season anyway? Totally overrated.

Back to the tagging thing. I am supposed to list six interesting things about myself. I don’t really know six things that are interesting about me, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. I went to Morocco with my Dad while we were traveling in Spain. It was a very scary experience. Almost as scary as going through customs when my Dad smuggled baby tortoises back to the States and thinking we were going to get thrown into customs jail.

2. I can pick things up with my toes, which comes in very handy when I am very pregnant. Actually, it comes in handy all the time. Almost everyone in my family can do it, including Inez. We call it “basque toes” because we got it from my Mom who is Basque. Dave tries to do it sometimes and claim that it is his “mexican toes” when he does it but we don’t buy it. He totally has “basque toe” envy.
2a. Dave is Mexican and we are not racist.

3. I danced on American Bandstand when I was very young, maybe eight years old. My older sister Kristy took me to the Christmas show where families could come and shake their thang. When the first song started (Karma Chameleon by The Culture Club) Kristy’s date said, “let’s take her to the front so she can get on camera!” Translated: “let’s take her to the front so I can get on camera!” Anyway, I got really scared at the idea of being in the front and started to cry. Ah, the memories. They can be seen on VHS in case anyone would like to watch my mad dance skillz—for a fee, of course.

4. I want to move to England. I have only been there once, and want to go back with Dave. Actually, I want to live there with Dave. I am obsessed with England. I almost bought Gwen tights with the Union Jack on them. I love England. If England were a person, I would be its stalker. If I were going to buy a Mini Cooper, I would get one with the Union Jack on the roof. I am very fond of England.

5. I have a crush on Jim from The Office—but only when he is on The Office and definitely not in those Gap ads. And I have a crush on Justin Timberlake—but only when he’s performing. Others that I think are attractive are (in no particular order): Ken Watanabe, Cary Grant, Hugh Grant, Mr. Darcy from the most recent P&P, and the Mr. Darcy from the A&E P&P as well.
5a. I think it’s no coincidence that four of the seven are from England.

6. I broke up with Dave two times before our relationship “stuck.” When he got home after I broke up with him the second time, he told his roomate Matt that he was going to marry me. I know. We are so MFEO. And boy is he stuck with me now.

I hope you enjoyed these little factoids. I’m supposed to tag six people, but I refuse to put that pressure on anyone. Wait, actually I choose to tag DAVE. He needs to post something, so that will be a good excuse. Plus he is my fave. Even more than Jim, Justin, Ken, Cary, Hugh, Fitzwilliam, Fitzwilliam and England put together. Now that’s saying something.